V and Co: how to’s for Valentines day

Well another year is upon us and I’m up to my eyeballs already and it’s only the second week in January. I guess that’s just the way it goes right? Well, with January already well on it’s way we need to do a round up of our next holiday: VALENTINES DAY!  I wanted to highlight […]

V and Co Christmas projects and mint fudge round up

 I thought I would round up a few of my past free tutorials here all in one spot. And of course add the whole awesome and easy 3 ingredient 3 minute mint fudge. So for now here are a few past V and Co how to’s homemade hand warmers   fabric ornaments 3 minute 3 ingredient […]

V and Co: How to make a little string block pincushion

One thing is for sure, you can never have enough pin cushions. Okay maybe you can and I just lied, whatever the case, you can’t have enough CUTE pincushions. Am I right? Yep, thought so. This little guy finishes at 4″ x 4″ and uses up any of those favorite little scraps you have left […]

EasyTeacher Gift

 These days life is fast. Between band, swimming, orchestra, and writing books, and all other things (I’m stopping with that because I’m getting tired just by writing it) there hasn’t been much time for about anything other than a fast craft here a fast craft there, spend time with family and then do it all […]

V and Co.: How to make: a shag pillow (no not that kind of shag)

Welcome to MY TURN on Amy’s Creative Side‘s Pillow collective blog hop. Today is my day to show off a pillow I’ve made to beautify our home, and to give you instructions so you can totally beautify your home too…The story behind this pillow is that I saw a shaggy rug and instantly thought “I […]

V and Co: how to make: Wool Felt Heart Garland

 Hello February! I can’t believe it’s already February but sure enough the date doesn’t lie. I’m not a HUGE decorator for the holidays. I’ve mentioned that a time or two…but every so often it’s nice to do a little project to make the upcoming holiday a little fun.  Garlands are probably the easiest and quickest […]

a little love

i heart you quilt pattern and textured pillows pattern braided pillow shown  Well! I do have to say that you guys were cracking me up on the last post with some of the crap your kids have said! WOW!!!! Fantabulous! And thanks for making me laugh!! So with Valentine’s being kind of around the corner I […]

V and Co.: jelly roll jam quilt free pattern and video tutorial

hi there!  so with summer lone gone and a distant memory, we now look forward to fall. we’ve had a Fall-ish kind of weekend, and honestly, fall hasn’t been my favorite since i moved from california. while i grew up in california, i LOVED LOVED fall. why? well because it meant pumpkins, and pumpkin smelling […]

V and Co: how to make: ombre dutchman free quilt pattern

 welcome welcome! i’m so excited to finally have the time to share this with you! it’s been sitting here since last may when i made this quilt for quilt market. but as you all know the kiddos are in school now and i did my “go and do everything i’ve not been able to do […]

V and Co: selvage zipper tote for BERNINA

well, the day has arrived where i get to talk a little about my relationship with BERNINA.  i bought my first bernina 5 years ago.  actually back up. my husband bought me my bernina for my birthday 5 years ago. it was the best birthday gift he has ever given me.  second best was my […]

V and Co: tips for small hexagon paper piecing

 phew! well i said i would get this out on wednesday didn’t i? i didn’t mention that it might be at 11:59 on wednesday night…but with all the kids home for summer, that’s how we’re rolling today. anyways, here’s my helpful hints for small hexagon paper piecing. i’ll talk about getting your hexagons started, and […]

V and Co: check it out appliqué love

hey hey hey! so check it out. i have a nice little project in this next issue of Quilts and More  this time around i made a cute little rice bag to take care of aches and pains in your neck or to warm up those toes! and well i think you all know that […]

V and Co: how to: shorten your maxi skirt so it fits you perfectly

i think i’ve mentioned before…i’m kind of short. and even with heels sometimes…skirts just don’t work for me on the length. throw in the whole maxi skirt craze and well…i’m kind of like hmmmm, yeeeeah, that’s not going to work. case in point: this totally cute skirt i found at maurices it was the right […]

V and Co: how to: french knot heart pin cushion

pincushions can be a little bit like an extension of you and what your style that gets to hang out with you while you sew at home and travels with you when you sew at someone else’s house or at a quilt group.  so why not make it adorable right? some of you don’t know […]

V and Co: how to: hexagon appliqued bag

 this last week i was able to play with some of lotta’s fabric called bella. (i added a couple of mine into there as well as some solid fabrics to give it a fun mix) hexagons are really cool, i love hexagons. i’ve shown my love of them with a few pics throughout the years […]

V and Co: easter egg craft

so this last week in-between climbing mount laundry and wading through the sludge of things not done ie scheduling doc appointments and car appointments, grocery shopping and all that other normal every day stuff that seemed to pile up just a little bit larger than usual because i was gone for a week (and had […]

V and Co: how to: make a leather cuff from a belt

so about 2 and half years ago, i bought a leather cuff. i LOVE it. and i wear it to dress up with my jeans, or (when spring and summer rolls around) shorts. not frilly like most bracelets, wearing these cuffs will make you feel like a rock star. and you’ll be recycling any old […]

V and Co: how to:reverse applique pleated heart

last year i made a reverse appliqued gathered heart pillow. so this year why the heck not do a reverse applique pleated heart pillow. try saying that 10 times fast. i dare you. this is a great idea for basically any holiday. (yup, already working on some other ones!) so if you want to add […]

V and Co: how to: painted heart bag

sorry i meant to get this all done and written yesterday, but i didn’t remember that monday was a holiday (aka my kids up my butt and needing me to do things all day long with them) till it was too late. and now i sit in a big empty quiet house with katie sitting […]

V and Co: how to: hand appliqued petal bag

 my daughter loves bags. kind of makes me proud. because i have a thing for bags too.  one thing this cute bag does is that it provides her with a big enough bag that she can carry whatever she wants in it: stuffed animals, baby dolls, wands, confiscated legos or star wars dolls action figures, […]

V and Co: how to: homemade hand warmers

the other day my son came in with a pink nose and yelled “MOM! I’M FREEEEEZING! do you still have that rice bag thing you made? can you heat it up?” yeah i still have my rice bag feet warmer i use it all the time, because i’m like always cold. so i said “yeah, […]

V and Co: how to: fabric ornament

i fell to the peer pressure of emails and comments and actual face to face conversations of “how about ornaments? why haven’t you done any ornaments?” well, i did in fact have one planned before this one, but i felt like a sewing project was in order since i’ve not really shown you much of […]

V and Co: how to: simple poinsettia wreath

first off, hope you had a great thanksgiving holiday. i am still recovering from turkey/pumpkin pie/stuffing and all the fixings hangover…so i’m moving a little sluggish these days, but nothing like the christmas season to keep you moving right along, or rather push you right along…so here we go. yes, another wreath. since i’m all […]

V and Co: no big dill: once upon a thread

today i am over at no big dill for her once upon a thread series on books. i chose The Giving Tree . i could of gone in so many directions with this book, especially around this time of the year in giving thanks or in giving service to those around you. but instead, i […]

V and Co: how to: sewing with ruffle fabric: make a scarf

 hey guys! today we’re sewing with ruffle fabric again. see my past projects: ruffle skirt & ruffle tote but today we’re sewing: super duper fast/easy holy crap it’s too cute to be this easy scarf. or the shorter name version: a ruffle scarf. i love scarfs. it’s like an accessory that makes you look just […]

V and Co: how to: easy fall wreath

 okay now this may be a no brainier of a project. but i made it and  it was such a steal of a project and it made my house a little festive so i thought i would share it. so a few days into october i wanted to change my hydrangea wreath to something more […]

V and Co: kid spider craft and other fall projects

 this last weekend we had a four day fall weekend. we ended up spending some time up in des moines; seems like a nice enough place. 🙂 we still had the rest of the weekend plus monday off. saturday was spent doing outside chores and some inside fun. (it got a little chilly!) and then […]

V and Co: sewing with ruffle fabric: the carry all tote

 well first off, THANK YOU so much for the warm acceptance and love of my upcoming book. 🙂 i’m excited. and i’m excited to see some of you in houston in october. make sure to say hello. i’ll be the one with big DOE eyes trying to hide the fact that i’m about to puke. […]

V and Co: how to: easy doll diaper bag

katie’s birthday is at the end of this month. she is all about little tiny things…and babies. she plays house most of the day and if she’s not with her babies she’s playing with tiny little babies that fit in your hand (well, when she’s not bothering i mean playing with the dog.) i’ve worked […]

V and Co: how to: sewing with ruffle fabric: make a ruffle skirt

happy labor day! last week i got to play around with some ruffle fabric. if you’ve not seen this ruffle fabric yet, or if you have not been able to sew with it, you are missing out. this ruffle fabric is so easy to work with and so easy to make stuff out of that […]

V and Co: make your house pretty: affordable pillow covers

making this house pretty has been kind of a challenge to me. first off, we have a super tight budget. i mean who wouldn’t be after not having a job for 4 months and living off of what you have right? so when we sold most of our stuff to move across country on the […]

V and Co: how to: faux pleated pillow

i have a thing for texture. i like it. katie’s room has a lot of texture. with ruffles, and gathers, she’s got enough pillows in her room (because she steals them after i make them and hoards them on her bed…i just let it go) but the boys? not so much. naturally i would choose […]

V and Co: how to: hydrangea wreath

well i almost feel like saying “welcome back!” but reality is, i’ve had a great time getting to know a lot of you guys through facebook and or email. this summer has been a summer i hope to not have to repeat again with our THREE moves in THREE months, and our un-employed status. we […]

V and Co how to: shag pillow

*no animals or plants were hurt in the making of this project. *one really stupid person did get hurt in the making of this project, but she would like to mention that even though the needle penetrated…no swear words passed her lips. it’s was a modern day miracle. i love how this pillow turned out. […]

V and Co video how to: jersey fabric bracelet

bypass all the embarrassment of listening to this and just look at pictures of the tutorial here okay so here’s the video. holy hannah, my voice, the blurriness, and katie’s off key singing in the back ground and then going to the bathroom and then asking to be wiped in the middle of it…well…you asked […]

V and Co how to: jersey knit bracelet

i don’t know what it is about this time of year that makes me just want to have my bare feet in the sand, be watching the sun setting into the ocean, and breathing in the warm salty air of the beach… as i get older, more and more i find myself missing that place […]

V and Co how to: mini zig zag quilt

the other day katie came to me with a big frown on her face. “what’s wrong?” i asked her she then holds out a pink with more pink doll quilt in one hand and the harley monkey in the other and in a very disappointed tone replied “MOM, he’s a BOY.” so we made little […]

V and Co. how to: petit strawberry pin cusion

*ever go to a friends house and get confused as to which scissors/rotary cutter are yours? *ever just need to pin some pins somewhere so you don’t lose them till you can get to your big pin cusion? well this little strawberry is just for you! it’s cute and functional, who doesn’t love that? materials […]

V and Co. how to: gathered heart pillow

last week was butt freezing cold here. like in the negatives. so i needed something to keep me busy and happy in the house. and well valentines being around the corner…well when you are a crafter and trying to create things for the holiday… it’s right around the corner. this little pillow is fast and […]

last minute help: the doily

most of you are doing the mad dash last minute this and that…well here’s a little extra boost of help for the last minutes…from the unexpected…a doily. i got a package of paper doilies earlier this month in hopes to do something with them… i made gift tags already…but i had a lot more left […]

how to: fabric snowflake table runner

so glad to see so many of you coming out of the woodwork to show your true colors on the addictive time waster apps and stupid facebook games. i’m not proud but i’m glad to say that my one time 10 hour obsession seems to be over. >;p okay, today i’m guest posting this tutorial […]

how to: just in time for fall flower

it feels like it’s been ages since i did a “sewing” tutorial project. i swear i’ve been sewing as a matter of fact if feels like i’ve been running a marathon at times. but nothing that i’ve shared i guess. so here’s one that i seriously just made yesterday just because i felt like it. […]

candy corn frozen yogurt

this year i feel like i’ve not paid attention to the fact that halloween is like in two days. um normally i’m chomping at the bit to get my hands on pumpkins by like sept 30th…and yet here we sit on oct 29th and i’ve still not bought one single pumpkin to carve. i have […]

how to: mini banner for a doll house

so katie has been playing with her doll house a lot these days. she got her’s from her older cousin who no longer needed it. she loves it and always has little scenarios going on in it. whether it be strawberry shortcake and her pals or little princesses, or my little pony…there’s always something going […]

how to: wax paper and crayon fall leaves

so this last week i decided to quit ignoring the elephant in the room, and acknowledge that fall is… well basically at my door step. the leaves are starting to show a hint of change and with that change came my “NO! NOT YET!” anxiety of: if fall is coming that means winter and that […]

tutorial: fabric bow pasta

something’s cooking in the kitchen! can you see what it is? go on take a closer look. mmm garden flavored bow pasta! sure to be a delight in anyone’s kitchen! cook it…. drain it… and serve it! want to make some for your little darlin’s kitchen too? what you will need: *5 by 5 squares […]

spruce up your towel

so it’s no secret we’ve been spending oodles and oodles of time at the pool. i wish it was the beach, but that’s too far away, so the pool it shall be. i’ve been asked by mique of 30 days to do a tutorial for her “funner in the summer” series. and nothing speaks more […]

tie rattle snake buddy

hey yo yo! so apparently antibiotics are kicking in and i’m doing good. thanks for the well wishes! not a 100% yet but i can at least handle things again. i even got to knock out like a bazillion loads of laundry folding because my family can put laundry in the washer and dryer…but they […]

tutorial: how to make a star for a quilt

because i keep getting people excitedly showing me their first quilts due to my how to make a pinwheel tutorial and then my nine patch tutorial, i’ve decided that there are a lot of us out there that learn the same way. through step by step pictures. and while quilting in general looks like a […]

embellishing shirts over at luv in the mommyhood

please go find me and my embellished shirts over at luv in the mommyhood and join in with me in sending “baby get out of my body” vibes over to shannon, so she can get back to blogging. sheesh already. comments closed

tutorial: flower corsage for celebrating mom

Being a mom sometimes isn’t the most glamorous job one can have. Being a mom sometimes means walking around with food or boogers on your shirt, and sometimes not getting into the shower till afternoon . we’re busy driving kids to school and activities, busy folding laundry, busy wiping away tears, busy reading bed time […]

tutorial: heat press vinyl on shirts

can you tell i have babies on the brain. no not me. my friends. mom, you can let go of the panic and start breathing again. that was not some sort of hint. trust me. one goal i had this year was to learn more about silk screening. well i did just that. and i […]

tutorial: ombre style onesie

got someone that’s going to be a mom for the first time? or maybe for the 2nd, 3rd, or 15th time? what better thing to make for her and her wee little bladder jumping, hemorrhoid maker, parasite in her belly baby, but a stylish hip ombre onesie. i don’t know about you but i’ve taken […]

tutorial: fabric flower ring

here’s the post i was too sick to do last week. i’m feeling better. thank you for your kind words. and no i didn’t burn the toast on purpose, that actually happened (a few days earlier…i just thought it was funny and so i took a picture.) who knew that it was a perfect picture […]

tutorial: decorating a pot with jute

mother’s day is right around the corner. and shortly after that the end of school. wouldn’t a pot filled with flowers be the perfect (and easy!) gift to give to the mother’s and teachers in your life? a plain pot will do just fine…but one with a little more character would be better. ready? it’s […]

vinyl on canvas : mini tutorial

first off hello! and THANK YOU for linking up soo many wonderful things! wow! come later this week (as i finish making my rounds) i’ll showcase a few of your creations here on the blog. second, the jedi robes. so many of you asked where i got the pattern…they are modified versions of this pattern. […]

Untitled Post

i love getting emails with pictures and links of things you’ve made with my tutorials. kayleen made these balls using my fabric balls pattern. i think they turned out gorgeous. and her photography. lovely. and i love getting emails with links of things you have been working NOT using my tutorials. like these lovely free […]

tutorial: appliqueing with used dryer sheets

i’m not a big time holiday or season decorator. what i have up is what i have up all year round, usually. except for a little something here and there. well here’s a tutorial to add a little something springish to your home. oh and i’m going to show you how you can use old […]

guest tutorial blogger: Disney of ruffles and stuff

i’m excited to introduce this weeks guest blogger Disney of the ever popular blog Ruffles and Stuff. it all started when she left me a comment a couple of months ago and i instantly thought “wait either this person really likes disneyland stuff or could she really be named disney?” so then i clicked over […]

guest tutorial blogger: Mique of thirty handmade days

i’d like to introduce mique of thirty handmade days. we met while being on sytyc together and as we emailed back and forth we found out we have a LOT in common… we both grew up in the southern california (S.D.) area, and we both graduated around the same time from each others rivaling high […]

my tutorials at sew mama sew

later today and tomorrow you will be able to see my tutorials over at sew mama sew. when i was asked if i could come up with something for weddings i said “SURE!” and then i wanted to throw up because…um helloooo it’s SEW MAMA SEW. all breathing exercises, and hot glue gun blisters aside, […]

tutorial: spray painted slipcovers…boy edition

it’s my turn to be a part of celebrate the boy month! i’m excited to show a little of what i’ve been working on for that. this year i decided to finally start tackling my boys’ room. i knew i didn’t want too much in their room for decoration, i believe a boy’s room should […]

tutorial: ScrapBuster Banner

okay so the other day i made these quilts. and i had a lot of scraps left over. i came up with this scrap buster banner. and if you end up making this quilt, using my tutorial you will have enough to make this banner as well. i think that would make such a great […]

i made a couple of quilts

first off, glad to see so many people out there confessing to stinky bathrooms. thanks for the advise, the laughs, and the support. i’ll be sure to keep writing more personal, sometimes not so shining moments, as they continue to happen. one thing is for sure, if you can’t laugh about things…then life really does […]

tutorial: composition book cover

to make this cover you will need: *strips of varying widths with at least 16 inches in length. *2 rectangles of muslin cut out to 5 1/4 by 11inches *one long rectangle with the measurement of 25 by 11 inches *one button *one elastic hair band. first get you a boring looking composition bookmeasure your […]

look at you guys go

i’ve been busy with the hand sewing. keep a look out for new patterns and kits and ready made things coming soon to my etsy shop! i’ll let you know when ooooh but people! PE.O.PLE!!!! you have been busy yourself with the v and co tutorials!!!! you make me proud. and a little teary eye […]

tutorial: baby doll quilt

here are the basic instructions to make this baby doll quilt what you will need: 18 squares of white fabric cut to 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches 18 squares (two of each fabric to be used in each pinwheel block) of patterned fabric 2 strips of white cut to 3 by 10 inches […]

sytc win: scarf tutorial

so last week the challenge was mittens. i kind of went out on a limb and made “the perfect accessory for your mittens scarf” you guys didn’t care and voted for it anyways! thanks! i asked my good friend to see if i could use her adorable daughter. i think she did a fantastic listening […]

winning tutorial: the snow ruffle pillow

hello! no, i haven’t forgotten what i said the other day about giving something away for your time. i’ve decided to give a few things away, and i’ll be picking later today i promise! but for now check this out: a lot of you knew my project the minute it showed up. i guess many […]

hand made holiday wreath

well, first off hello! so nice to meet so many of you! i got to chat with a few of you (um, those of you that have your email attached to your comments sure make it easier to correspond with! hint hint to the rest of you.) 😉 yes, yes…i’ll pick someone (rather random generator […]

tutorial: that lime green necklace

i keep getting comments and emails over this necklace and weather or not i was going to show you how i did it. okay well it’s not that complicated i think you can figure out that i strung wooden beads. so this tutorial will be for how i got an even coat over my beads […]

giveaway of my stuff

simply modern mom is having a giveaway of my stuff. go check it out to win four of my patterns for free!

mini tutorial: vintage looking signs

first off, i just have to say you have entertained me for the past few days with your comments! everything from laughing and agreeing with my sentiments about the tree, to stories about how much more crazy you are than me, to touching stories of memories of when your mother finally gave in to the […]

look at you guys go!

to say that i’ve been busy these past two weeks would be an understatement. i’ve been multi-crafting for different places, people, and things (on top of sytyc) (you’ll hear more about that in the future for sure). i’ve also been multi-volunteering at the kids’ school. being on the community council takes a lot of hours, […]

sytyc:week three

well some of you guessed right on my craft last week! but did you see how many amazing ones there were? wow. i definitely want to make some of those! even bigger wow. i won that round even with all the other amazing crafts! (thank you!) like i said this craft was a last minute […]

tutorial: spraypainted wheat pillows

as seen last week on sytyc…here are my wheat pillows and the easy steps on how to make them! you will need: spray paint ( i had ivy leaf, and brown) freezer paper. muslin scissors pencil first cut some muslin. next trace your own drawn pattern (or you can download my pdf here) make as […]

sytyc:week two

first off i haven’t thanked you for the love of my turkey! so glad you like him as much as katie and i do (ahem and my boys have mentioned that it’s kind of cool too). i even got a finished picture already from one of you! 😉 i’ll be doing a “look at you […]

look at you guys go

yes it’s true i’ve reduced my self to drinking…late at night. and not even Diet Dr. Pepper my first love. between being “mom!” and “honey.” i’ve been trying to create some cute new things (well i think they are cute) and doing it by trying to stay up late like i used to… so yes […]

tutorial: garden fresh fabric tomatoes (and pumpkins)

yes, made out of a simple abundance layer cake, and can be found at the Moda Bake shop. go on over and check out the tutorial for these little ladies, and if you happen to go to quilt market make sure you give them a little hello, for they are going to be there. along […]

tutorial: pine cone wreath (and guest blogging)

beautify your home for the fall season with this super cheap and easy wreath, that looks like a million bucks! oh now see i told you i was going to do a craft with all those pine cones. and here it is. but guess what…i got to rule over at U-Create for the day as […]

starting something new

i’ve been blown away with your guy’s love of my tutorials and patterns. seriously, thank you. i want to start something new here at V and Co. and highlight your finished products using my tutorials (my ones here or on the moda bakeshop or bought at my etsy shop!) picture from ressica jachel using dress […]

you’re invited

to my shop update on monday the 21st at 10 am (mountain standard time) patterns and kits for vintage baby quilt and flags.as well as a few other down loadable tutorials i’ve been working on i really hope to see you there comments closed

tutorial: dress made from a skirt

here’s a tutorial on how to make a romantic inspired dress out of a woman’s skirt. what you will need: one woman’s size skirt. (large with a zipper is most recommended.) this skirt having a zipper in the back made fitting this much easier. so i suggest you get a skirt with a zipper. first […]

tutorial: pottery barn looking decorative balls

how’s that for a title? 😉 so i’m really into making my house a little more pottery barn looking at the moment. i wanted decorative balls, and when i started this tutorial i really liked the idea of “different colors” to add a little bit of punch as well. so i’m going to show you […]

tutorial:: the perfect add on fabric flower

remember a while back i made my daughter a new flower hair clip? you all asked for a tutorial then. then i posted about the textured pillow i made… you all asked how i made the flowers…well here you go. the basics on how to make the perfect add on flower to add just about […]

tutorial: fabric strawberries

yes, yes, this would be my latest tutorial for moda. go and see the whole tutorial and please go leave me some love over at the moda bake shop. have a “sweet” weekend. we’re enjoying ours at home. just how we like it.

tutorial:make a fabric covered lid for your picnic basket

before i begin…there will be a GIVEAWAY on monday. yeah you are going to want to come back. with picnic season here…i wanted to take my second hand find and spruce it up to take it out with us on park trips this little beauty only cost me $3…but the lid was less than desirable […]

tutorial: the table cloth skirt

what you will need: a zipper and zipper foot for your sewing machine your favorite skirt (preferably an A-line skirt) a table cloth (the one featured is a martha stewart table cloth found at K-Mart) so many of you liked my other skirt i just made out of a table cloth that i was wanting […]

tutorial: baby girl quilt

want to make this? go see it at the moda bake shop. it’s my latest tutorial for them. go give me some love! *********** we’re off to an army thing this weekend. we get to spend a couple days at snowbird ski resort. the kids are being watched by my wonderful brother and sister-in-law. i […]

oh martha and a mini make over

i have in my possession the book: and i have come to two conclusions: a) martha is in hoots with the devil himself or b) she has an awesome eye for things and has a huge team that she single handed picked out to work out her ideas and have them come up with ideas […]

tutorial: fabric covered eggs

a great craft to do on any day of the week with kids…AND cute! first get you some lovely yummy springy fabrics. these i got as a swap from this lovely gal then you’ll be needing some plastic eggs (i got mine at walmart they were $2) first cut your fabric the width of your […]

tutorial: rag rug and moda

a few weeks ago i got an email from a wonderful woman from moda (yeah THE MODA ) asking if i would be interested in posting some tutorials over at moda bake shop. first, i swore out loud (going to have to repent for that one) then i was like “this has got to be […]

tutorial::rice bag feet warmer

this would be a perfect holiday gift for neighbors, friends, or teachers. it’s fast it’s cheap and essential for the cold weather! what you’ll need: one bag of rice (i used a 1 lb 12 oz bag) one fat quarter of muslin and one fat quarter of really cute fabric. (this particular fabric is moda) […]

tutorial:: moda charm pack celebration flag

got some charm packs you need to use? wouldn’t this be so cute in your little boys room? or for a party? first get yourself some charm packs…yeah that’s me promoting my shop. fold in half one block (all charm packs are 5×5 so if you are just cutting out your squares cut them to […]

tutorial::easy peasy heart garland

i’m not a huge decorator for the seasons, but even i can’t pass up a garland for $1.50 at walmart you can buy this package of six hearts. go get you some of those… now if you are crazy like me and you have issues with the shape of your hearts you’ll need this step. […]

tutorial: bandanna skirt

these skirts fit a 2-3 year old…you can adapt it for older girls by adding layers and extra bandanna’s (maybe i’ll make a tutorial of that later on) first off get yourself a bandana fold in half and press with an iron. next cut in half with some fabric scissors. (took this picture with my […]

tutorial:: pottery barn looking frame ornament

so i’m sure some of you already have the pottery barn ornaments that are silver and are monogrammed…if you are looking to replicate that, look somewhere else cause i don’t have an engraver and i’m cheap remember?! but if you want a cute little knock off of a frame ornament then this is the tutorial […]

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