V and Co: easter egg craft


so this last week in-between climbing mount laundry and wading through the sludge of things not done ie scheduling doc appointments and car appointments, grocery shopping and all that other normal every day stuff that seemed to pile up just a little bit larger than usual because i was gone for a week (and had 3 prior weeks of chaotic-ness)… katie ended up having a pretty bad reaction to the routine vaccinations where her legs got super swollen and super sore. so sore that she, as the day progressed, became less willing to walk anywhere, and to where she basically just stayed put and didn’t move till someone could pick her up and take her where she needed to go. (read between lines, she didn’t ask to be moved till she absolutely had to go to the bathroom).

well, the next day one leg had gone down to normal size and didn’t hurt as much, but the other still super sore and swollen. she wouldn’t walk on her own…and well we basically stayed put, her and i. and while she drew pictures on my bed i brought in something i could do next to her. we just hung out most of the day on my bed.

i didn’t get too much done…but i did get a few of these little eggs done so we could start decorating our home a little for the upcoming season.

i still have a few more to make. i think in twine…

katie is feeling better  both legs down to normal and just normal soreness. 😀

 i have a few things i need to take care of and today is going to be spent cleaning and having all the kiddos clean out closets and under beds. oh i know it’s friday, but we’re on spring break. which should be AWESOME next week because we have a couple of days in the forecast that say 70 degrees! i am soooooo ready to have time outside bike riding and going on the trails again. can.not.wait. my kids are already chomping at the bit to play outside games with friends. sigh. yes our first winter in the midwest and we hardly felt it. well i know the weather’s been weird and i’ve had my few run  ins with the snow…but all in all nice introduction to the midwest winter weather. thank you! 🙂

the twine egg was made just like i made my potterybarn inspired decor balls

just different twine, and no spray paint…oooh maybe i’ll do a couple with spray paint too. hmmm (mental note go buy pastel looking spray paint)

the fabric eggs were created just like i made these balls.

the eggs were found at micheals and were a little (in my eyes) pricey. they were $2.42 for 6 or wait were they $4.24? sheesh…don’t know. BUT you could do the twine and fabric thing we did here with those plastic eggs i used in that fabric covered egg how to. those are super cheap and you can get them just about anywhere. for way cheaper. 🙂 just make sure you put your hot glue gun to lower temp if you have the option…as the eggs (either one the Styrofoam and the plastic one) can melt if the glue is too hot.

so whether you place it tall grass.

or do the classy pottery barn look…

or heck throw caution into the wind (walk a little on the wild side if you will) and throw them together. i know.

oooh you notice my newest “find”?

well it’s not new NEW. i mean i found it in december…well no it was more like i saw it in september.

yes, a story in order.

i’m talking about that mirror you sort of see in that last picture.

here’s a better picture:

yup, that mirror is huge. and it was perfect for my GINORMOUS wall, or so i’ve been known to call this wall.

and well said mirror was first seen and coveted last september, at hobby lobby. and the price tag was ridiculous to my pocket…for a mirror. it was $289.99 (which i know is still considered a good price in some circles but not in my own little personal circle).

well, i stared and stared at it, i may have even petted it. and it was put aside in my brain of things to buy when i see a 50% off coupon for hobby lobby. and well that day came people. 3 months and i don’t know how many people i annoyed talking about it to later….the coupon came. and i was ready.

got my friend with a gps so i wouldn’t get lost again…and we headed on down there with her big huge suv that is worthy of carrying said huge mirror. and when i got there. there she was in all her glory.

when i got up and close to it i saw a chip on the side of the mirror on the frame. crap. well maybe they will have another one.

so the manager of the store came with me and we looked at the mirror.

i said “i want to use my 50% off coupon for this mirror but can you get me one without a chip?”

she looked at me and said “what if i give you 60% off on it?”

i sat and stared at her then i stared at the mirror. then i stared at her…then at the mirror.

in my head all i could think was “dang it i don’t want to look like a total moron, because i can’t figure out how much off that would be just off the top of my head and if that is even worth it…”

she took my silence as trying to drive a hard bargain because she then said:

“okay i can only go up to 80% off i can’t do any better for you.”

that’s when i stared at her and i didn’t care if i looked like an idiot and said “so like how much would that come out to be?”

she took out her calculator and said “around $60 with tax.”

i calmly looked at her and said “okay i’ll take it. but can i lick it to make sure no one else takes it?”

she didn’t like my humor.

so my super great deal of a mirror is sitting in the same room as my super great deal of a hexagon table i got for $3 dollars at a garage sale. both won by my internal conversation while others thought i was steping up the game and trying to drive a hard bargain. booooyaaaaa for talking and having an argument with yourself in your head or do some call that having voices in your head?


till we talk again.

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