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V and Co: operation springbreak n’a giveaway


 so operation spring break is in full swing over here. i have forgotten how much i love a scheduled break. the kids and i have been cleaning and organzing in the mornings, run errands in the mid morning then…we go and play. and with this weeks crazy awesome weather, we’ve been outside everyday…all day it seems with a few indoor activities thrown in there.

it makes for not getting any actual sewing work done, but sometimes thats okay and we’ve enjoyed indoor pools, and parks, friends, and even… gasp… a germ infested chuck e cheese. thank you hand sanitizer.

i do all of this in the name of “operation no video games or tv till 5 pm” it’s hard to do when that is a reward during the school year for homework completion and good grades…but if i keep them busy and outside, (thank you weather!) they tend to let the hours go by with out a “how much more time till we get to play games?” and surprise surprise, sometimes…5pm passes by and kids have been known to not play or watch tv for a whole day. only happened two times this break, but still we’re doing pretty good.

most summers run like that for us.

 last summer not so much with 3 moves between the june 1-july 29… we watched a lot of netflix and played games in between moves and swimming. but i wanted to see if i still had it in me. you know that whole schedule thing while they aren’t in school bit. and it seems to of been a smooth transition back.

 it makes me happy. 😀

it’s been a long time since we’ve had a really good schedule.

i’m so ready for it and i hope to implement it again during our summer months.

so to  keep with the happy mood and spring love, lets have a happy little giveaway. nothing huge. just a little bit of happiness to make your day a little brighter as mine have been.

 this magazine (along with three more) came in the mail for me. its called all small and it’s a special publication of wall hangings, table runners and baby quilts of some of the favorite projects from the editors of american patchwork and quilting

whoot i  have a a project in this magazine. 🙂


i’m giving away three of these magazines.

and i’m throwing in one of my books into the mix.

so three winners will recieve a magazine and one of the winners will ALSO win a signed copy of my book with the magazine.

all you have to do is:

tell me what you’ve been up to. any special projects or plans?

you know i’ve been enjoying the sun and dreaming of sewing…have you been sewing and dreaming of sun? or have you been doing both?!

only one entry please but please include your email address at the bottom of the comment.

i’ll pick a winner later on this week.

🙂 happy spring!