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V and Co: winners


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first and foremost: winners:

winner of book and magazine:

heather D who said:

I’ve finished a number of medium sized projects in the last few weeks and things are pretty quiet right now for me! I’m working on small baby quilts for our local hospital foundation, and not much else at the moment.

Thanks for the giveaway.

winner of magazine:

ginny jenny who said:

My hubby and I have been LOVING this wonderful weather! Our way to celebrate is to go hiking during the weekends. And it’s inspiring us to keep the house nice and tidy and clean.

I think my next project I’m planning on doing is sewing some curtains for the front room. It’ll make the room feel a lot more completed and less empty. I’m excited!

winner of magazine:

ELNM  who said… I’ve actually been sewing some quilt blocks – I’m new to quilting so this is exciting. Got my space organized so it’s easier to work. Thanks for the chance to win.

thanks for all who entered, i’ve got some more books to giveaway (some not mine!) so watch as the month progresses for that!


 our spring break took a little sour note at the end there, right after i wrote how awesome our spring break was going, our oldest son, was admitted to the hospital.

 literally i wrote the post and that son started throwing up and the pain in his stomach was a little too much to bear. so we took him in and sure enough the kiddo had a kidney infection. yikes. he didn’t complain about anything the day prior, and as a matter of fact he was playing and goofing around running with some boys at the park.

but when i took him to the doctor and they ran some tests, we didn’t even get to come home, we went straight to the hospital, and stayed there for two days and a night.

come to find out he has a duplicated collecting system in his left kidney, which makes it easier to have kidney infections. we were able to leave the hospital and go home once his fever got down to a normal range for at least 12 hours.

i have some great neighbors and friends that made it that i could stay with the kiddo. and i got to use my bus load of chocolate chips to make a few dozen cookies as thank yous. we took them around last night.

and well even though he’s doing so much better today, and went to school, we still have doctor appointments, and decisions to make on what to do. i’m just grateful of how awesome the doctors were and that we went in when we did.

so for now we rest.

 it sure makes you grateful for those very uneventful days where the complaining your kids do is just about folding laundry, and how bored they are. sometimes we take those days for granted, and it takes a pretty sick little boy to make you realize just how blessed you are with all the non complaining of scary things on a daily basis you don’t have to deal with.