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V and Co: Teaching Sewing Texture With Craftsy


 so a few weeks ago i told you i was going here. well that “here” was Denver Colorado. kudos for some of you that guessed right!

and then i posted this picture.

some of you emailed me and said  “I KNOW!!!!” and you were right. 🙂

some of you still had no clue till maybe now? some of you still dont know? okay so lets talk about what the heck i did a few weeks ago. a few weeks ago i got on a plane left my family for a few days, they practically kicked me out and said “you need to do this, you CAN do this.” i told them they were wrong. and then i got there:

and i met all the behind the scene people at and i instantly felt like i was family. it was a wonderful experience. and while the work up to it was stressful for me, the wonderful people that bring you craftsy are amazing people and they even kept laughing at my stupid jokes most of the time. three days of filming…

three days of working with amazing craftsy people and i even got to say “hey” to (and take a picture with) the bernina people cause check it…i got to sew with this:

 A-Freaking-wait for it-

MAZING machine. 

yup, i love it, and if i didn’t have any morals i would have taken it… and if anyone would’ve tried to stop me i would swung it and hit them with it and keep running.

 but i didn’t because i have stupid morals that don’t let me do that kind of crap.

so bernina thank you so much for letting me work with your machine for three days. it was wonderful. and my husband hates you for making me want my SECOND bernina machine.

true story.

 okay so yeah thats me with a behind the scenes picture…but lets focus on that kind of gorgeous textured piece of fabric. in my class: sewing texture, i teach you how to create texture and then we use it in a featured project. yeah, you learn how to do it (we will talk about ruffles, gathers, twisting, and pleating and we’ll also touch as a bonus: shirring) , then we apply it to a project attached to each technique, BUT the goal is to see what else you can create with the techniques i teach you. it’s quite fun. really. since doing the class i’ve thought of a few more projects for the techniques we go over in the class. yup…you may even see them in future patterns and tutes. 🙂


the real question is.

what say you, you wanna join me?

class enrolment starts tonight. 🙂

and if you want a special incentive: use this link for 50% off the class

oooooh yeeeeeah baaaabeeeee.

you know you wanna right?

i hope to see you there.