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Summer 2014 Quilts And More and other pretty summer colors

used with permission from Quilts and More magazine. 2014 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved  If you haven’t already checked it out, check it out now, the new Quilts N More has hit stands and my Ombre stripe bags are in there with instructions. It’s a super easy tote bag perfect for your summer needs. In […]

Where I’ve been

Truth be told the blog is still very quiet. Truth be told…I’ve been very busy. I’ve gone places, to teach, to volunteer, and to talk. On a side note: A lot of you know that I’m Mormon, and go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A lot of you are too…so […]

V and Co.: summer happenings

 we are in full swing summer mode over here. our strawberries are growing and are super sweet, there’s something incredibly cool about eating from your own yard. i miss our days in the middle of nowhere when we had an acre and had our raised beds of veggie’s but strawberries make up for it as […]

V and Co: check it out appliqué love

hey hey hey! so check it out. i have a nice little project in this next issue of Quilts and More  this time around i made a cute little rice bag to take care of aches and pains in your neck or to warm up those toes! and well i think you all know that […]

V and Co: Teaching Sewing Texture With Craftsy

 so a few weeks ago i told you i was going here. well that “here” was Denver Colorado. kudos for some of you that guessed right! and then i posted this picture. some of you emailed me and said  “I KNOW!!!!” and you were right. 🙂 some of you still had no clue till maybe […]

V and Co: on the cover and hanging out with cool kids

i got in the mail my cute issue of quilts and more the other day. and lo and behold i also got my cute little baskets ahem featured on the little side corner OF THE COVER. not in the front and center or anything but still ON THE COVER. no that adorable cute quilt belongs […]

V and Co: on the radio: with mark lipinski of creative mojo

so today i’ll be chatting it up with mark lipinski. i’ll be talking about my book, i’ll talk about being a mom. and i’ll try my darndest not to be a total dork. but i’m not promising anything… check it out at TOGINET. the show runs 3-5pm EST. and say a little prayer that i […]


… and they are being shipped out today to all of you wonderful wonderful people who have bought  a signed copy. 😀 oh and psst… amazon has it at a great price if you don’t need or want me to sign it. just sayin’ other great places to find it: my shop (signed copies) fat […]

V and Co: at fall quilt market

the pre-version of my book that is due out january 2012 first off HELLO NOVEMBER! you are my favorite month. with thanksgiving (fav holiday) and my birthday, what’s not to love? so happy october is over. eh. 😉 soooooo. quilt market. yes. it went well. schoolhouse was good. i said “foots” when i meant to […]

V and Co: pretty sure i’ve lost my fingerprints

as we round out this week…oh wait it’s only wednesday, okay well it feels like it’s the end of the week. anywho, as i’m getting ready packing and doing final prep for international quilt market in houston this weekend i can’t help to think…what a heck of a ride this has been. when i started […]

V and Co: happy makers

this last week i got three separate things in the mail that made me super happy. seriously i don’t get a ton of mail. no, well now wait, i do. but it’s bills, and junk mail, and an occasional Micheal’s 40% off coupon but even coupons are email based these days. (which is cool and […]

V and Co: the book…as in MY book

soooooo i am going to quilt market in houston this fall. first time ever at fall market. i have no need to be there except for really only one reason… and well here it is. (oh i feel like i’m going to throw up) i’m doing a school house for my first time ever book. […]

V and Co: at quilt market school house

if you are going to market…and you wanna like meet me…you can see yours truly at the school house for the moda bake shop book: Fresh Fabric Treats Moda and C & T publishing is going to be showing off stuff from the book, and i’ve been asked to give a little info on my […]

V and Co: in Quilts and More Magazine

hey there! sorry so quiet over here. we had family from L.A. here and we had “spring break” (i write it in quotations because it snowed and rained most of the time. and when it wasn’t snowing or raining there was wind. and sometimes the snow/rain/wind would come all together.) yay. *laced with sarcasm* needless […]

in 5…4…3…

alright so it’s time…well in about 30 minutes from now it’s time, (march 21st 4pm EST) to listen to the Creative Talk Radio and listen to yours truly be nervous live… i’ll be talking about creating, blogging, and family. i promise not to go all CHARLIE SHEEN on you. if anything i’m humbled to even […]

me on the radio

well i’ve landed on the Famous Pat Sloan’s radar (yup, feeling sick to my stomach with nerves again), and if you’d like to hear me fumble and try to answer her questions on the radio please tune in on monday the 21st (also my anniversary to hubby! 13 years!) at 4pm EST. i will be […]

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