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hey there! sorry so quiet over here. we had family from L.A. here and we had “spring break” (i write it in quotations because it snowed and rained most of the time. and when it wasn’t snowing or raining there was wind. and sometimes the snow/rain/wind would come all together.)
yay. *laced with sarcasm*
needless to say the kids and i were housebound most of the time and we had a jolly good ‘ol time trying not to want to rip each other’s faces off by the end of the “vacation”.
happy to say they are now back in school. and i’m just so grateful that summer vacations are nothing like spring vacations, and we get to go to some kind of water facility every day so we can be happy tired people by the end of the day. and no one wants to scratch anyone else’s eyes out by the end of it. 🙂 yes i can’t wait till summer!

now, fun stuff to talk about…

i have a simple quilt in this summer’s edition of Quilts and More magazine.
paired with some doilies, and monochromatic fabrics i think this would be fabulous for the new mom, and baby to be. i think simple elegance when i look at this quilt.
my quilter was Felicia Graves (long arm quilter)
the fabric is “stone” by moda fabrics in their bella solids
and the cream is bella solids as well.
the cream doilies were found either at micheal’s or walmart, but how fun would it be if you had time to go to second hand stores to check out their selection?

then pair it up with an adorable little onesie embellished with a doily as well to seal the deal.

tomorrow we have a giveaway 🙂
i’ll be over here: trying to pack up our house/get rid of things/trying to sew in the middle of everything/oh my goshing there’s only two weeks till market…
if you need me.
we’ll talk soon.