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winner and rectums?


taken last week with my iphone…we started to get buds on the trees! yay!

winner of the modern workshop fat quarter bundle is darefamily
thanks to all who entered and played. 🙂 winner’s info has been forwarded to judi of green fairy quilts!
we have another scheduled giveaway next week sometime. it’s a good one as well. 😉

hmmm and speaking of iphones…
lets talk about autofills shall we?

i like autofill because sometimes i don’t know how to spell a word and if i type in something close to it…voila! autofill saves the day.

autofill has also substituted words for what i was trying to write with completely different words that by no means was what i was trying to type out.
i get a little chuckle here and there when it comes out funny or silly. you never know what you are going to get.
and sometimes i get a little too funny inappropriate autofill suggestions that thankfully i catch and laugh to myself about before i send it off to the recipient.

well until last night.

oh let me tell you.

so i was texting with my friend about walking in the morning on my regular phone (that i swear was made in the early 90s) so it wasn’t easy. so i told her i was going to get on my iphone that was replacing my old phone due to the ATT take over of altell. we will have service mid may (yay me!) and so i used my iphone to continue our convo there. towards the end i sent her this last email obviously without proof reading it.

“yeah i have a phone call at 8:30 i have to be here for, so if we can do 6:30 that would be sweet. 😉 um yeah rectum will be super easy when i get my phone actually working on may 12th!…”

i swear i wrote “TEXTING” and not “RECTUM”

she answered that she was a little confused.

my stomach sunk after i realized i had actually sent that…she can handle it but oh my gosh, what if it was to someone i didn’t really know well? or worse…what if it was to like my mom. wait my mom doesn’t own a computer…you know what i mean though.
anyways we laughed real hard on it after the fact.

apparently there’s a whole site dedicated to this kind of stuff.

BE WARNED if you are completely caught up on repentance steer away from this site…autofill sometimes gets a little on the crude side of things.
now if you are on the “i need to repent soon” mode, go ahead and check it out. i always seem to be on the a little bit “unholy” ground so i got a huge laugh out of this…but clearly i was on my knees after my fun.
edited:(okay not going to link to it because uh…some of the entries are a little too crude for me. i saw the mild versions and when i went to the actual site there is no “bleeping” sooo yeah…even i have limits…)

lets just say i’ll be super careful with texting/emailing from now on with the autofill stuff! i def don’t want to say anything that would make my grandmother blush!