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V and Co: pretty sure i’ve lost my fingerprints


as we round out this week…oh wait it’s only wednesday, okay well it feels like it’s the end of the week. anywho, as i’m getting ready packing and doing final prep for international quilt market in houston this weekend i can’t help to think…what a heck of a ride this has been.

when i started this adventure not once did i set a goal or think “i’m going to write a book.”

nope. uh uh. as a matter of fact just thinking about it makes me feel like a bout of hives are coming on.

but putting aside of my own personal hive making feelings i’m here to say i’m pretty proud of the hard work and that yes it really did happen and i will be talking about it at market on friday. you can see me in Room 381AB from 1:20-1:50 i’ll be talking a little more about the projects in the book.

 and i’ll be wearing these awesome shoes…because they make me feel important and pretty and confident. and trust me i’ll need it up there. too bad they aren’t comfortable. ha! oh well. it’s okay after a little bit of walking in them…my feet go numb so it’s all good.

project from my book

 you can now pre-order my book through amazon this wreath is a project i’ll be talking about at market

also in preparation i’ve made 50 of these flowers for the schoolhouse. i figured i would make some to give to those who come to the schoolhouse so they can walk away with a little something from the book. i don’t know how many are planning to attend, but i stopped at 50 flowers because i’m pretty sure i’ve burned off my fingerprints and well that’s all i really had the stamina to do! and if 50 people don’t come..then i’ll have some to giveaway here when i come home. 🙂

after all this chaos of market, i will be coming back to well…crafting and sewing, and wiping bums…you know all the other normal stuff.

i will be showing you this scarf i made for sure! oh and i made another wreath…i’ll show you that too.

but for now, if you don’t mind me, i’ll be psyching myself up that i can do this. 🙂 and if not, well when they identify the body, people will know me as the fingerprint-less gal that died petrified in front of a class in houston wearing freaking awesome shoes.

we’ll talk soon

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