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V and Co: at quilt market school house


if you are going to market…and you wanna like meet me…you can see yours truly at the school house for the moda bake shop book: Fresh Fabric Treats

Moda and C & T publishing is going to be showing off stuff from the book, and i’ve been asked to give a little info on my project (CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW YOU! i really do love it.)

so if you are there and you wanna check out the book, and ahem…give it a go at a free book, and ahem some free moda fabric…come on by and say hello!
Thursday CLASS ROOM:255B at 11:30-12:00

oh and yes, i’ve sold out of the book on my site, but i’m hoping to get more. when i do i’ll let you know.

hope to see you there! but please don’t judge if i look like a deer in headlights.