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thanks for the comments, emails, talks, and phone calls.
the stories shared by some of you are truly inspiring. the support you guys express very much appreciated.

we’re doing well. as a whole we’re doing good. i have my moments of in the corner rocking back and forth in the fetal position, yes i do, but overall, we have direction, we have ideas of where we might end up, but till we make a final decision i will keep them to myself. here’s a hint: somewhere in the united states. as for east coast, middle america, or the west coast…that is still up in the air. if i had my way the west coast or somewhere over on this side of america because that’s where all of our family is…but we have to look at the big picture. and yeah, well that’s it. everything depends on the job, and how we feel about our children growing up in said job location.

it’s been sunny and nice weather here. i’ve been enjoying the back yard finally and shirking all responsibility. it’s amazing what a little warm sunshine on your skin can do for your spirits!

have a nice weekend, i’ll be over here enjoying the sunshine while it lasts (another cold front in the works next week. yay.) and i hope to get a little more packing, working, and family time in there.

oh and happy mother’s day!!!

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