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me on the radio


well i’ve landed on the Famous Pat Sloan’s radar (yup, feeling sick to my stomach with nerves again), and if you’d like to hear me fumble and try to answer her questions on the radio
please tune in on monday the 21st (also my anniversary to hubby! 13 years!) at 4pm EST. i will be putting on my “professional” self up front, but it is a little more than just my 5 minutes on GTU so maybe some of my spunk will come through. who knows, i may just be swallowing down the lump that’s appeared in my throat ever since she asked me…or maybe i’ll be totally fine and do a bang up job. :O
lets hope for the latter.

i will be wearing my new dress(thank you shabby apple). or maybe i’ll get me some other Dresses from Shabby Apple i saw on their site… um like one of these:

or maybe i’m just lying to you and i just want you to *think* i’m dressed all professional and really, i’ll be in sweats with no bra, hair in curlers and slippers. kidding, by that time of the day i at least have a bra on.
see you…er…hear me on monday!
and we’ll have a giveaway to go with the excitement!

ps: if you enter VandCo10Off in the coupon code section shabby apple will give you a 10% discount. pretty sweet!
oh and pps: i just bought the white one.