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bloggers block-a-palooza block #16: pinwheel parade


hey there! it’s my turn for the block a palooza that quilt dad has put on. make sure you visit all the other bloggers who have already created a block!

with the weather we’ve been having it actually does feel like spring! (high 50’s). the kiddos have been outside every day after school, and can i just say, what a difference it makes to get a little vitamin D in the system and some fresh air? once again dreaming of summer. but lets talk about spring first.
i named my block pinwheel parade because when i looked at the block i thought of spring and lots of kids having their own pinwheel blowing in the wind. so lot’s of kids running around with pinwheels = a parade of pinwheels hence the name.
but enough talking lets start cutting

okay here’s your cutting:

cut 4 white squares 4.5″ x 4.5″ – solid areas
cut 10 white square 3″ x 3″
cut 10 print squares 3″ x 3″

take your 3″ squares of whites and your 3″ squares of pattern fabric (2 white and 2 pattern will make one pinwheel)
take a ruler and draw a line down the middle from one corner to the other diagonal
place right sides together, with the white facing out towards you.
sew 1/4 seam from your line.
then do it again on the other side of the line.
cut your two halves. open and press with an iron.
**cut your blocks down to 2.5 (all 20 of them)
place 4 squares like the picture above. do this for all 5 pinwheel blocks
take your right block and place it on top of your left block like the picture shown above.
with a 1/4″ seam sew your two blocks.
repeat to the top 2 blocks.
open and press your blocks.
right sides together, place the top block on top of the bottom block
sew your two blocks together.
press open.
do this for all 5 pinwheels
next take your solid white blocks and place them like so:

pinwheel solid pinwheel

with a 1/4″ seam allowance sew your strips together to make your final block.


**now if you have been watching the news you know of the devastation that japan is going through. there are many places to donate, i have a friend who is from the area that the tsunami hit hard, please visit her blog to find out how to donate help. even the littlest amount can help.
then hug and call your family.
and pray for all those not being able to do just that right now.

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