now available: The Abby Bag Pattern


well! all i have to say is THANK YOU for the wonderful response on my newest pattern! by far this is the best pre-order success my little shop has ever experienced! thank you to all who ordered over the last few days!

a little about this bag:
it’s large 21″ x
i’m hoping to make another one as my quilt market bag. but i also think that i’ll make one for all of our pool days coming this summer. oh and i’ve already used it for church. yeah it’s a good size.did i mention it’s reversible? no? oh yeah it is. 🙂 and if your day excursions run into the late afternoon mid evening…the bow can double as a scarf! ah! i really love it as a scarf…but i love it more as a bow. so yes, thanks for the pre-order love. glad you got to use the discount…pattern has been tested and it’s a go. so you should be able to check your email sometime this morning and see that its made it to you!

i’m working on a couple of tutorials and a couple of new patterns. yeah, i’m trying to stay busy, while the kiddos are at school… because once summer comes…it’s back to visiting the beach (and my mom!) and well…the pool every.single.day. i love summer. it makes me want to be outside and by a body of water. but hold on i’m getting ahead of myself. we’re just getting ready to hit spring…or around these parts “swinter” because we don’t really get rid of snow till about june. yay. but it’s okay i’ll just keep sewing.

we’ll talk soon.