V and Co: back to organizing 101

last snow day I spent separating, sorting and organizing a lot of pink stuff  We here in the midwest have been having a doozy of a winter. With frigid cold days, icy roads, and blizzard like conditions due to windy stormy snowy days…there have been more snow days and late starts in january alone than […]

bloggers block-a-palooza block #16: pinwheel parade

hey there! it’s my turn for the block a palooza that quilt dad has put on. make sure you visit all the other bloggers who have already created a block! with the weather we’ve been having it actually does feel like spring! (high 50’s). the kiddos have been outside every day after school, and can […]

first step to organizing and cleaning your home

so i don’t care if you have never been in the game or if you are trying to get back in the game (as i am) or have never left the game and are interested in hearing other ideas (and sharing your own!). i have this organizing/cleaning schedule that works for me and my family. […]

new way to hang plates 101

i love plates being on walls. i wrote a whole post about it once. but i hate the gross brassy plate hangers that help keep them up on the wall. so i tried something new until i can get my hands on some of these:Invisible English Plate Hanger Disc-4 Inch (For Plates 8 to 12 […]

spray painting 101

since so many of you expressed interest in my spray painting process…i decided to take the camera with me this time and take pictures. it’s super complicated so watch out. get you some spray paint. (personally i like the satin the best but the red only came in gloss, and since i roll with the […]

organizing 101: getting your kids to help

i did an organizing 101 of “where do i begin” read it here. this time i want to talk about how to get the kids to help. to help with the whole process of chores we use the token system in our house. granted we’ve modified it as the year has progressed. certain things are […]

decorating 101

picture by pottery barn CORRECT PLACEMENT OF WALL HANGINGS i see it all the time. and really it’s not their fault. they hear “eye level” and yeah we are taller these days, but too often i see pictures “floating” up on walls too high. and when asked by someone who wants my help to decorate […]

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