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spray painting 101


since so many of you expressed interest in my spray painting process…i decided to take the camera with me this time and take pictures.
it’s super complicated so watch out.

get you some spray paint. (personally i like the satin the best but the red only came in gloss, and since i roll with the punches…i bought it.)
i buy krylon because it’s middle ground in price and it says “indoor/outdoor” and i figure anything that says it can be “outside paint” will probably weather pretty well with the storm that my kids create inside the house.
these metal nesting tins here the right color like 10 years ago.
now i want a more vibrant red and white.

here’s the trick.

1. lightly spray over your whole surface. not thick enough to cover it, just enough to make sure you get a base coat

2. let that dry

3. repeat with a light coat again not going heavy on the paint. (this is where you get drips)

4. let it dry

5. repeat these steps till you can not see anything through your paint.

and there you have it the final product.

they are rather plain as they are…i have some ideas as to how i want to dress them up…i’ll show you when i finally get the supplies and get working on it.

i’ll even post it if it turns out horrific and scares young children.

i also spray painted kate’s little high chair for her doll. when you are working with plain wood that has never been lacquered or painted you can just go ahead and spray it. but if it has lacquer then you will need to *lightly* sand to roughen up the surface.

the blue that i chose came out somewhat bright but i’m keeping it like this for a while until it bugs me too much and then i’ll spray paint it another color if i have to.

well i totally made my bed yesterday but guess what…the bed gods i guess were angry. my internet was down all the live long day and i *thought* i didn’t have anything posting for that day. i figured it’s okay i don’t need to be in people’s face every single day… and when the internet finally started working, i got to my emails and started reading comments on my post and many of you mentioned how incredibly looong this girls camp was…uhhhh…oops. nope, that was last weekend. and i decided not to post the snorting post and use the one that my 9 year old noise maker wanted to do instead…well apparently i put a “post date” on it and well there you go.

my post for yesterday.

i would of posted it but i would of left out the girls camp info on it.

oh well life goes on.

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