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things that make me snort laugh


seriously i love to laugh.
but what i love even more than laughing till i pee my pants, is when my family is right there with me and laughing just as hard.
my kids and i started watching wipeout last year but…let me tell you it just keeps getting funnier and funnier. these last couple of episodes had me and the kids rolling on the floor.

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i just recently found awkward family photos
oh my hellvens! talk about laugh till you snort good times! this picture is just one of the oh so many that made me laugh so loud it made my kids run in from the other room.

my kids also love for me to read to them every night. did you notice how i didn’t say “i love to read to them” and so if i’m going to be an awesome mom who reads to them its going to be something that is either something i meant to read when i was in grade school but never got around to it, something i kind of want to read but don’t know if i can muscle through it (like the harry potter series.), or something that makes me smile and chuckle. 101 Ways to Bug Your Parents was the perfect book to make me chuckle and smile and the boys LOVED it. i’m ordering the next one 101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher. as scary as they sound…they are not that bad and i liked them pretty well.

seriously, i think i’ve said this before…if i didn’t try to look at life in a humorous way and laugh at things…i’d be crying a lot more and who wants to cry when you can totally snort laugh and look at things on the bright side?
have a great weekend!
i’m at girl’s camp and will hopefully be alive and well and blogging on monday again… we’ll see.

uh yeah internet down for 15 + hours equals me not being able to get to my post to re-write it. must be almost that time of the month because things like this happen to me right about that time.