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Good tidings

 Well! That was fun. And it’s good to see most of you are on the same page on colors you’d like to come back (hello eggplant and orange!!) and some other additions of yellows, corals, neutrals, reds, blues, more greens…but yeah it was the eggplant and the orange and the yellow. NOTED! Now lets pick […]

V and Co.: summer happenings

 we are in full swing summer mode over here. our strawberries are growing and are super sweet, there’s something incredibly cool about eating from your own yard. i miss our days in the middle of nowhere when we had an acre and had our raised beds of veggie’s but strawberries make up for it as […]

V and Co: i miss my sewing machine…but…

 i haven’t touched my sewing machine for over a week. maybe it’s been almost two. sigh. i really miss it. i have been thinking of a butt load of fun things to make…and yet…no sewing and no crafting has happened. no, instead i find myself traveling in the car to and from concert band, jazz […]

V and Co: this last weekend

 this last weekend i felt like spring finally happened. i got to sew a little and clean a little. we spent a lot of time watching GC with the family and spent some time outside…FINALLY. we love weekends like this where we aren’t needing to be anyplace, and really it’s just all about family. when […]

V and Co: just one of those weeks

no need to cry over spilled milk  i’ve had one of those weeks. i think it started with having a 4 day weekend this last week. it got me off my groove.  i was always a day behind. i was thinking it was wednesday and really it was thursday. what??? where did that day go, […]

V and Co: making cute shrinky dinks

phew! didn’t mean to let so much time go by well the last couple of weeks have gone in a flash. and honestly, if i can be so bold…i’ve enjoyed being lazy laid back this summer.  gosh i’m going to miss it. but the kids are anticipating school and…okay only 50% of my kids are […]

V and Co: our weekend-ish

my family is in the shadows i’m the tiny little person in the reflection in middle of the bean taking a picture stop the presses, i’m blogging. i KNOW. seriously i look at how much i’m blogging this year vs how much i was blogging in summers past…and well, the numbers don’t lie, for some […]

winner and nostalgia

my view this summer has been of this. (and yes i’ve purposely cropped my legs so they look like they last forever and are not short tater tot looking legs.) and other pools in the area, and the parks, and behind the wheel driving to and from camps and what not. i don’t think i’ve […]

V and Co: star wars dorks we are

the husband came home the other day exclaiming quite excitedly that one of his students had made him the COOLEST present. from behind his back he pulled out this little hand made yoda. we love him, and he is happily residing in our bedroom for now till he goes to its final resting place, his […]

healthy part 2 and a new pattern

introducing my newest pattern “The Abby Bag” due to come out next week. please pre order you pattern here first 15 people to order will get the pattern half off. and the rest will get a 15% discount till the pattern is released which i will then be put back to full price. (discount will […]

emotions run high sometimes

my kids last christmas from left to right: 5th grade noise maker, girl noisemaker, 3rd grade noise maker, and 1st grade noise maker (aka the loudest one) well first off thank you so much for the wonderful lovely birthday wishes. yes, it was a good day. busy spent, mainly at the school with the book […]

i should win best mom award for this

so last week at aprox 8:22 pm the night before the 2nd grade play (which my son was to be honey bee #2) i’m not kidding the kid comes up to me and says second noise maker: “uh mom, i need a honey bee costume…for tomorrow’s play.” okay keep in mind we live in a […]

“f” is for fiber

or ferocious farts, or odoriFerous poop(f)s….okay maybe not that one. but you get what i’m putting down. no? well let me explain in a story. it goes a little like this: so katie had been holding her poops. yes, you read it right. holding.her.poops. as in she wouldn’t have a bowel movement for days. and […]

tell your children to “strike a pose”…

and this is what you get. tell your children “i’m going to take AWAY one stinkin’ present if you don’t give me a “oh swear word” smile”… and this is what you get. finally just give up and let them get in the clothes they want to be in and beg them to just sit […]

this will make you snort laugh…okay maybe

or maybe it will make you unsubscribe to my blog. i don’t know. either way i HAD to write this down and document it. (if you are one of those very impressionable young girls from my church that i teach on sunday’s, please back away from the computer turn off your screen, ask your parents […]

our not so beautiful tree

so this is a story, about mr v and co the christenson’s deciding that this year they were going to go and cut down their own christmas tree. mr v and co says ” hey wife of mine, i think this year we should cut down our own tree.” “yay.” i say enthusiastically. not. i […]

mini tutorial: sure way to make your children cry

1.) make pumpkin soup 2.) tell your children they have to at least take three bites 3.)sit back and watch in amusement as they “try” to take three bites, and watch the tears fly with comments like “i caaaaaaan’t!!!!” and “but it looks like, like, like…i DONT KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!” in other news: […]

i’m either the best or worst mom…

i’ve decided to add this pretty picture of a flowering bush in my back yard just in case some of you are of faint heart and would much rather not continue to read and see some pretty disgusting and dirty things. as this post is full of these things… consider yourselves warned… mom that means […]

things that make me snort laugh

seriously i love to laugh. but what i love even more than laughing till i pee my pants, is when my family is right there with me and laughing just as hard. my kids and i started watching wipeout last year but…let me tell you it just keeps getting funnier and funnier. these last couple […]

the sun was out…

and so were we. the kids were home yesterday… and what better way to spend a beautiful, sunny, lazy day then outside in the back yard doing “hand sewing work” while the kids enjoyed the sun and outside toys (and some man tools that the boys are so fond of for thier digging). i worked […]

things my kids will probably tell their therapists in 25 years

picture from my archives: oldest son with a butterfly on his shirt in our front yard well so yeah, i’ve been known to try to “fool” my children from time to time…like the time when i picked them up from school and kept driving past our house to two towns over to the local health […]

you ask how he’s doing::look for yourself

last school year was well in a nut shell was …hell… this year i’ve been skeptical so i haven’t written anything as of yet, but it’s been well over a month going onto two months and well, i’m so happy to report, yeah he’s doing GREAT! oh he still does his fun stuff like stuff […]

the difference between one and two

is night and day. the 6 year old (in blue) got up and was ready to go in a nano second and was getting his tooth brush ready with toothpaste as he gently reminded me that he still needed to eat breakfast and he didn’t want to be late. oh yeah and he picked out […]

my working conditions…

so here’s the idea…not in the right fabrics cause i did it while the kids were awake. i thought i would show you my less than perfect behind the scenes working conditions… every time i get on my chair to start sewing, it’s like she has radar… gets up on my lap and makes things….interesting […]

i broke


after nearly 5 + months of not watching tv…i did it. i turned it on…and my justification was “they’ve been soo good all day playing outside…i can reward them with a little tom and jerry, what’s the harm in that?” oh i’ll tell you the harm. i let them watch like 2 hours, and they […]

no wamies, no wamies….please nooo wamies

every morning i wake up and think “why can’t it be saturday?” every monday i wake up and sigh, and say to my self “just so-n-so more days till school is out” every day i send out my 8 year old out my front door, i wonder “how’s today going to be like?” every time […]

sweet escapes

do you ever feel like a failure as a parent? *sigh* sometimes the best remedy for EVERYTHING is a great book. just finished yet another hale book, goose girl, this one won my heart. loved it. and when i got home from yet another emotionally draining day of being the mother bear and trying to […]

um… thank you blogging?

right when i took this picture nate looks at me and asks “are you going to put that on the computer and blog it?” “um i think i just might…” “okay” i went to the bedroom because after they were freaking out about the dinosaur poster and it’s positioning, i went back to the kitchen […]

so you want to know about the token system…

well one of the benefits of being married to a marriage and family therapist is that he’s got a lot of training in conduct disorders, and such…soo when we were having major issues with nate at school (wouldnt do any work, i mean absolutely nothing at school, homework was a fight, i was usually in […]

easy like sunday morning

so again we had a pretty good sunday, not too bad, i even felt good enough to leave the boys with the young woman that sat next to us (to entertain the boys ) while i went up to give my testimony, it was refreshing, it’s been so long since i went up there, but […]

**caution…cute but handle with care**

katie at about 13 months with one of her *looks* so i need to mention this cause it’s kind of funny, this morning kyle and katie were actually playing and laughing, and then within seconds i hear this yell comming from katie that i swear if she could talk she would of been swearing, then […]

My new plates and bunny ears

Okay found these plates at my FAVORITE store that is no where near me TARGET. THEY ARE PLASTIC!!! I’m going to back on tuesday when we send off Jake and buying 4 more of the big plates, because they were out at the Target that I was at. The bowl isnt the one that goes […]

Scream free parenting

I’ve been been reading this book “Scream Free Parenting” and like most books like that, I lose interest before they give you all the details on how to do the actual “scream free” part. well I have to share my version of scream free parenting…the other day started out just like any other day after […]

Learning from our children


So we made it back from our hectic trip to Salt lake and back, we left last night and came back today. All in all it was a good trip, we saw the neurologist, and they did their tests on Nate, and now we do the waiting game. He promised to give me news once […]

Grosser than Gross

What’s gross?: Splash, Splash…Katie playing in the toilet What’s grosser than that?: Speee, Splash Splash, Kyle yelling “NOOO KATIE!!”…Katie playing in the toilet, while Kyle pee’s and then trying to grab the stream of pee! GROSS!!!! For some reason the girl can’t get her mind off the toilet! She loves it…whenever she’s missing in action […]

Snow = Goggles

So we got A LOT of snow the other day and Kyle went and got his goggles out, and wore them all day long, he even fell asleep with them on and anytime we tried to take them off he would freak out so apparently you need goggles when there is snow outside in kyle’s […]

Some pictures to give you an idea

I had to make barfing noises and puking faces to get them to all look and smile at the same time, all ofcourse except Katie who was having a traumatic time being off my hip. After he decided that EVERYTHING from his closet had to be taken out and thrown into his room so that […]

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