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**caution…cute but handle with care**


katie at about 13 months with one of her *looks*

so i need to mention this cause it’s kind of funny, this morning kyle and katie were actually playing and laughing, and then within seconds i hear this yell comming from katie that i swear if she could talk she would of been swearing, then i hear kyle yell “NOO KADEE!” and then another cry from katie and then kyle’s crying! what the…okay so i go over to check out what’s going down and i actually see why kyle is crying…katie decided that she wanted something kyle had and when kyle took it away from her she actually HEAD BUTTED HIM(gently and on the back but still!) my *sweet* little 17 month old girl was beating up on her 4 year old brother! she then went to grab at him but i got involved and took her away as she was flailing to grab at kyle! the best part was as i picked her up she did that *swearing* yell at kyle again!

I have NO idea where she gets her fiestiness from, i’m just a bowl of peaches at all times, so i KNOW it’s not me! 😉

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