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easy like sunday morning


so again we had a pretty good sunday, not too bad, i even felt good enough to leave the boys with the young woman that sat next to us (to entertain the boys ) while i went up to give my testimony, it was refreshing, it’s been so long since i went up there, but i needed to, had to thank the ward for all their help they gave us when we were sick a few weeks ago, and ofcourse let my kids know how much i love them and love Heavenly Father…
so now it’s after church and these are some pictures of the day… kyle with bread over his ears so he doesn’t have to hear katie crying, (cause i put her down so i could make dinner)

nate reading his cubscout book, he loves that stuff!

ryan cuddleing with all of their stuffed animals

okay so i was telling my mom about the little “rummble” that happened yesturday and she kind of freaked out that i thought it was funny that “katie was being violent” i then explained “NOOO, you’ve got it all wrong! she just PUT her head on his back and pushed, that is her rendition of head butting!” so before i make my daughter out to be a tyrant i guess i should explain my last post…she DIDN’T really head butt kyle, she just pushed him with her head and kyle being the tender soul that he is, took it to heart and started bawling, that’s all she’s not that awful! just a little…colorful! here she’s playing mommy and putting her baby down for a nap

okay had to do one more of kyle. kyle just being his cute little self

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