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My new plates and bunny ears


Okay found these plates at my FAVORITE store that is no where near me TARGET. THEY ARE PLASTIC!!! I’m going to back on tuesday when we send off Jake and buying 4 more of the big plates, because they were out at the Target that I was at. The bowl isnt the one that goes with the set either but I bought those instead cause they only had two of the ones with the set, but I thought they went pretty good anyways. My goal for this year is to have all white plates, real ones and now plastic ones! WOOHOOO! It’s the little things I tell you.

you can see the shear excitement oozing off his face can’t you?

these children have been affected by the popular fashion of having velcro on shoes. Well I don’t know if its popular still, but we have a few pairs with velcro, so my kids havn’t had the opportunity to learn how to tie their shoes. So Jake’s home for a few days before they leave, and he put it upon himself to teach the boys how to tie thier shoes…the instructions went a little like this “okay, now pull the bunny ears, don’t be afraid to yank those bunny ears!!! It’s all about the bunny ears!!!” after about half an hour, the boys did it, and are now full blown bunny ear pulling shoe tiers!!!!