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Some pictures to give you an idea


I had to make barfing noises and puking faces to get them to all look and smile at the same time, all ofcourse except Katie who was having a traumatic time being off my hip.
After he decided that EVERYTHING from his closet had to be taken out and thrown into his room so that he could “play soldiers” Nathan started to make some intersting thumping noises. And ofcourse being his mother and knowing that interesting thumping noises could mean anything from catastrophic or not so bad things, I grabbed my camera and shot this picture just for proof that I’m not making up half the things he does. When asked Why was he hanging upside down from his closet, his response was “I don’t know, I just thought it would be cool!” I’ve missed many “funny” (now looking back at the instances) pictures and proofs of Nathanisms, so now I’ve learned to keep my camera handy and don’t go to investigate the “noises” without camera in tow!
Our cute little cuddle bug kyle with his favorite kitty.
Katie loves to play in her room if I’m in there with her on the floor next to her. So I’ve started to create a lot of new patterns for the quilts stores and it’s all thanks to Katie making me sit with her while she plays. Right now she just looks back to make sure I’m still there doing my thing, and sometimes she gets nervous and comes crawling back super fast just to touch my leg or sit in my lap, once she’s sure again, she’s off to playing with her stuffed animals. I’m sure once she starts playing interactively my multitasking while sitting there won’t fly with her, but for now, I draw, I stitch, and I make money, and I ignore the house shaking while the three boys run, jump and climb all over the place, GOSH I MISS CALIFORNIA’S NO SNOW!!!!!!