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“I hate how the Fat Man gets all the credit for the best gifts!”


Well it was a successful Christmas. You know where you spend so much time and energy, (and some of you actually go out on “black friday” to attack toys and strangers…dont understand why you would want that aggrivation and anxiety, but hey to each his own) and whatever time you would spend normally cleaning and cooking is all spent on finding, buying and (in my crazy and sometimes better in thought case)making, things for Christmas. Not only do you have to think up of things that have meaning for your spouse, and family, you also have the joys of neighbor gifts. By far the BEST neighbor gift given to us this year was a brownie mix in a box with the note “Roses are red brownies are sweet, we’re too busy so make your own DAMN treats!” loved it! I wish I had the guts to send that out to everyone next year but I think I’m going to select the families who can handle that kind of humor! We find ourselves loving Christmas and finding all new levels of excitement just to see our kids excitement. But something puzzles us, did our parents have the same annoyances on the morning of Chirstmas, as Jake put it so nicely “I hate it that the Fat Man gets to give the best presents!” Anyways off I go to pick up some of the disaster of the aftermath. And to finally do some of the housework that ‘s been put off all month long!