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V and Co: this last weekend


 this last weekend i felt like spring finally happened.

i got to sew a little and clean a little. we spent a lot of time watching GC with the family and spent some time outside…FINALLY.

we love weekends like this where we aren’t needing to be anyplace, and really it’s just all about family.

when the weather turned super nice we got some outside time… the kids were so excited to play in shorts and be in the sun.

 it’s crazy that just a few weeks ago on our little trip we were all bundled up and looking like we would be pasty twilight lovers for like EVER. (hanging out in men’s bathrooms…ahem)…

 no wonder every fifth picture i got of the kids outside were of them jumping for joy…and apparently opening their mouths making silly weird faces.

yep. spring has def placed a spring in our jumps.

i can hear myself getting happier.

we’ll talk soon!

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