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the difference between one and two


is night and day. the 6 year old (in blue) got up and was ready to go in a nano second and was getting his tooth brush ready with toothpaste as he gently reminded me that he still needed to eat breakfast and he didn’t want to be late. oh yeah and he picked out his clothes the night before and laid them on the ground next to him so he could just jump into them the minute he woke up.
the 8 year old (in red) needed some prodding and some gentle reminders over and over and OVER again that we had a schedule to follow of scripture reading, morning prayers, and breakfast eating, and if he didn’t help with the morning he was going to make us all late. the 8 year old rolled out of bed dressed in his pants for the day…oh they were clean and all but i guess he figured a few minutes of getting up would be postponed if he just had to roll over just to pick out a shirt to wear. the 6 year old on the other hand had taken it upon himself to get himself cereal and was eating, the 8 year old didn’t want cereal he wanted waffles, and proceeded to slump in his chair to wait. we got them there right as the bell rang you know at lightning speed and swerving into a parallel parking space, all because the 6 year old COULD and WOULD NOT be late for his first day of school…as i dropped them off i yelled “i love you” 6 year old yells back not looking back as he sprints to his classroom door “love you too!!!” the 8 year old puts his arm in the air and waves “yeah love you too.” and walks in a zig zag to his first day of class just a little late. so yeah the difference between one and two= A LOT.