my crazy kids

Feeling Cheery

enter LUCKY50B for 50% off this pattern only  Well, Hello December! I can’t even believe you’re already here.  This last weekend, after our Thanksgiving coma, we brought out our stockings and christmas decor.  I also got out my Into the Woods quilt found in my Simply Color: Green book. (and I looked festive with my hot […]

this kid is 14

As I look back on life with this kid, I get emotional. Where we are today, is a dream come true. But without our past years of heartache and stress, and emotional roller coaster of a ride with this kid, I don’t think I would have the kid I have today. This truly is a […]

that time when my kid made me look like a word that rhymes with four

This quilt has nothing to do with the blog post…I just needed a pretty first picture. Please excuse me as this is the SECOND TIME I am writing this. I finished my first blog post and then tried to insert a picture and that’s when blogger decided to brain fart and it froze. I couldn’t […]

Then and Now Christmas

This is my all time favorite picture of my kids.  It kills me because I don’t have a high resolution jpg of it so I can’t make it a large print.  This picture actually brings tears to my eyes just thinking about that time.  It was taken in 2009 Jake was deployed. We were going […]

Teacher gifts this year

 This year I got my game on with teacher gifts. Each year in the past I’ve sucked and not done home made anything…because I’ve been so overwhelmed with all the other projects I have to get done. So instead of failing, I just haven’t attempted in years past. NOT.THIS.YEAR. This year I actually started in […]

V and Co: getting my embroidery on and 15 years

yesterday i continued to work on things for market.  i am doing a school house with Aurifil threads and i will be showing off a few things i’ve made (including this little bag) with my line of threads with them.  one person asked if i did the embroidery by hand. uh no. but thank you […]

V and Co: happy valentines day

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest happy valentines day. here is a pretty picture and then here’s what my real life looks like: the daughter brought this home and she explained it says: “i love bows.” “i love hearts.” and last but not least: “i love flowers.” sorry sweetie:  that says “i love fart.” but […]

V and Co: theirs and mine: bernina sewing machines

 the other day the girl noisemaker out of the blue says to me “i want to do what you do.” i looked at her and a whole avalanche of things that i do in the day flooded my brain at that moment. what exactly was she talking about. i think she must of looked at […]

V and Co: just one of those weeks

no need to cry over spilled milk  i’ve had one of those weeks. i think it started with having a 4 day weekend this last week. it got me off my groove.  i was always a day behind. i was thinking it was wednesday and really it was thursday. what??? where did that day go, […]

homemade play doh = coolest mom ever

last friday was a half day for the boys, so katie and i had to get some fast “creating” stuff done. no sewing projects were on the agenda (my sewing machine was at the doctors getting all nice and fixed after being abused everyday for like 2 years…so i was without her.) no, katie and […]

the most wonderful time of the year…

ah yes the most wonderful time of the year. or so you would think… yes, this week started out with being one of our last hurrah’s of going to the pool. as the children played and swam and jumped off the high dive, the mothers on the sidelines were a chatter of how we were […]

overheard at the dinner table

same kid that said this… gave the prayer last night over my home cooked dinner his prayer went like this: 10 year old: “thank you heavenly father for this food, please bless it that it will not cause us harm or accident, and help it give us the nutrition we need. in the name of […]

babies a plenty

see growing up in the great city of los angeles and then moving to the “smaller” city of san diego…i didn’t have the opportunity to see many brand new baby farm animals while in my childhood years. that is so not the case for my children as we find ourselves here in the middle of […]

i had to pay my kid $20

so, my kid played basketball this year. he didn’t do too bad. at the end of the “season” we got their team and individual pictures back. when i first saw the picture i exploded in a “HAHA!…ahem. that’s a good picture bud. why did you uh…hmmm.” second noise maker answers:“they told me not to blink.” […]

i should win best mom award for this

so last week at aprox 8:22 pm the night before the 2nd grade play (which my son was to be honey bee #2) i’m not kidding the kid comes up to me and says second noise maker: “uh mom, i need a honey bee costume…for tomorrow’s play.” okay keep in mind we live in a […]


that’s how old my third noisemaker is today. here’s a few fun facts about you right now: you are STILL always happy. (we don’t get, it but we love it). you may be small for your age but you are the loudest kid we own. every night at 11:07 (give or take a few minutes) […]

she wanted one too

a flirty skirt. just like mine. thanks for letting me know they sold out. they have been re-stocked! in order to get katie to smile and play along to take a photo, the boys tried to help with the photo shoot. sometimes not so successfully. but in the end we got a few good shots […]

the big ONE-OH

today that’s how old my oldest noisemaker is. a few fun things about you right now: *your passion is history…more precisely world war I and world war II *you have so much in common with your dad and grandfather it’s not even funny. (no really it’s not) case in point: there are many times when […]

tell your children to “strike a pose”…

and this is what you get. tell your children “i’m going to take AWAY one stinkin’ present if you don’t give me a “oh swear word” smile”… and this is what you get. finally just give up and let them get in the clothes they want to be in and beg them to just sit […]

this is a story…

the happenings around the house since the first day of school. i am recovering from a nasty little “something” that attacked my insides off and on this weekend…slowly i am making it back to life. slowly…we will see what i can accomplish today, it may just be rolling from one side of the bed to […]

first day of school butterflies

a few days ago, my middle boy noise maker yells out to me from his room “MOM! kyle called me an idiot!” which then the third noise maker (in his 5 year old voice) yells “NO I DIDN’T!!! I CALLED YOU A STUPID IDIOT!” these three little piggies go to school today. surprisingly, i have […]

i’m either the best or worst mom…

i’ve decided to add this pretty picture of a flowering bush in my back yard just in case some of you are of faint heart and would much rather not continue to read and see some pretty disgusting and dirty things. as this post is full of these things… consider yourselves warned… mom that means […]

making personal pizza’s 9 year old style

so i’m off at girls camp and my 9 year old kid was asking what i was going to do about my blog (didn’t know he cared) when i was gone. one question led to another and well here we go: making personal pizza’s 9 year old style. first get english muffins second get pizza […]

9 years ago today…

you were born and threw me into the “i’m a mom” world. here are some fun facts about you right now: *you have an incredible imagination that just doesn’t quit *your siblings look up to you and you can make any situation exciting *you and i have our highs and lows, but we also have […]

things i love

salvation army finds: tall glass hurricane $3 medium size $2 50%-70% off “christmas” decorations that can be used all year long finished quilt tops: i finished two this last week and was suppose to quilt this one but the boys made… this fort around my computer and sewing area so i got nothing creative done […]

out with the christmas, in with the…hearts?

christmas tree down: check christmas decor put away:check christmas aftermath still a frenzy in the kids room: check driving to go see the in laws this weekend to celebrate late christmas with them: check winter decor put up:che….wait i don’t have any “winter” decor…not a fan of snowmen, i like snowflakes but i don’t have […]

happy birthday to my middle boy

i can’t believe you are 7! some fun facts about you: *you love star wars everything and anything *you are a hard worker at school and at home *you are much more mature than you 7 years *you are great at reading people and when you see someone who is sad you do things to […]

something i never had…

going through all my pictures these days without my camera…it’s amazing what a camera can catch… pictures from my archives being an only child really does have it’s perks…really it does…but when i watch my kids especially my two older boys, i quickly forget what those perks are. they play together and bug eachother all […]

bandanna skirt

made out of one bandanna…and i think it’s so stinkin cute, she’s going to wear it today… and guess who’s wearing underpants? besides me…and the boys…yup the little one decided that yesterday was the day to start the process of potty training! the stats went like this: pee in the potty: 1 pee in her […]

i found her doing this

the little one was kind of quiet so i knew something was up…i told you she liked to organize. keep in mind NONE of those cans were there because i put them there…that was all her. she’s even got the “verizon bar” thing going! hmm i should probably start looking in the yellow pages for […]

pumpkins, and a nine patch quilt in the works

dear GI joe husband, next year you get to carve the pumpkins because your boys are pansies and couldn’t handle the “gross innards” they then decided that carving them was “too hard” so yeah guess what… i did all 3 of the boys, and i’m pretty sure my hand is going to be cramped into […]

and then there were…a lot of them

dear GI Joe husband, i just wanted to give you a visual because i’m pretty sure you would want to see it with your own eyes…YEAH it started with ONE and now we have 1, 2…A LOT. maybe this is his year to finally get back the nate we used to know? it brings a […]

you ask how he’s doing::look for yourself

last school year was well in a nut shell was …hell… this year i’ve been skeptical so i haven’t written anything as of yet, but it’s been well over a month going onto two months and well, i’m so happy to report, yeah he’s doing GREAT! oh he still does his fun stuff like stuff […]

starting to make lemonade out of lemons

so i forced myself out of bed yesterday and forced myself to do something other than what i’ve been doing for the last few days and that is let the big huge elephant that sits on my head and chest get the better of me. did not get much done except keep the house from […]

it’s hard losing your best friends…

for 8 hours out of the day this poor little guy walks around aimlessly missing his best friends in the whole world, his two older brothers…oh sure he has katie and me, but we are no substitute for the the boys…he begs to go to school, and he asks constantly if it’s time to pick […]

the difference between one and two

is night and day. the 6 year old (in blue) got up and was ready to go in a nano second and was getting his tooth brush ready with toothpaste as he gently reminded me that he still needed to eat breakfast and he didn’t want to be late. oh yeah and he picked out […]

my working conditions…

so here’s the idea…not in the right fabrics cause i did it while the kids were awake. i thought i would show you my less than perfect behind the scenes working conditions… every time i get on my chair to start sewing, it’s like she has radar… gets up on my lap and makes things….interesting […]

my laundry pile has exploded

monkeys swinging from vines and landing in mud… building volcano’s with actual “water lava” explosions…( i swear they are going to have some AWESOME memories growing up together) this is what the boys did all day yesterday. oh and making a mountain of dirty laundry that had to be hosed off before it went into […]

our weekend…

they did this, and got into mud fights… while katie and i watched in amazement that boys would want to do that for hours on end.

summer inspired quilt

so summer’s in full swing here. how can i tell? soccer soccer soccer! here’s the 8 year old manning the goal. and the 8 year old telling the 6 year old all his advise…oh dear heavens. that’s funny huh dude? the 8 year old thinking he’s all pro and stuff…oh whatever. the little one was […]

my 8 yr old artist

i know i’m biased but COME -ON!!! tell me that’s not amazing!!! he’s better at art than i was at his age, and i had lessons. that is one thing i miss about a big city… i wish we had an art studio with teachers for the kid. for now he’ll just have to keep […]

apple blossems crazy kids and getting ready to head out to san diego.

beautiful isn’t it? my apple trees are all blooming! i’m so excited i can hardly stand it!!! last year we got a couple of apples that made for some good sling shots…nothing else…but i hear that around here (and everywhere else?) apple trees produce every other year, and if that’s the case this is the […]

my little cook

she likes to pretend cook, i’m crossing my fingers that she will eventually like to do “real” cooking, so then i can just pass that off to her. and i can just sew and clean, and not have to worry about the cooking…

agitation for most kids, means anger for katie

they told me that she would wake up from the operation disoriented and agitated…. oh crap, so of course when i went in to see my adorable little girl asleep after the tubes were inserted, i was relieved and i smiled, the doctor and nurse smiled back and said everything went great, and she should […]

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