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 Well, Hello December! I can’t even believe you’re already here.

 This last weekend, after our Thanksgiving coma, we brought out our stockings and christmas decor.

 I also got out my Into the Woods quilt found in my Simply Color: Green book. (and I looked festive with my hot pink and red socks as well!)

We also turned on Christmas music on, got out and assembled our fake tree, turned on the “Christmas spruce” scented wax and watched as my children continued the tradition of clumping up ornaments on 6 branches instead of evenly spacing them out…and bringing out the school ornaments as well.

As I sat and controlled my need to control the Christmas tree decorating yet again…I got all sentimental and crap…and thought…one day my tree will look just like I want it to, and that will mean that our dinner table will be empty from our children most of the year, and my house will be quiet and lonely from all of them not living under the same roof. Yes, people, I have in fact now arrived at that time in my life where my children are no longer attached at the hip, and I actually have the opportunity to miss them. And you know what? I’ve now become one of those annoying middle aged women who look at the young mothers and smile and say “I know it’s hard now, but at some point in your life you’ll look back and miss it…momentarily…and then you’ll be so happy that you do in fact get a solid night’s rest…but…you’ll also be feeling like you are running out of time with your kids being in your home all together at once.”

I’m living happy in the right nows. My kids and husband are the most important things and I am so lucky.

I did have to remind myself how sentimental and lucky I was feeling just minutes before as I watched from the sidelines the process of the tree “decorating” that was happening. We had the13 almost 14 year old standing on a chair getting the top half of the tree only to become sidetracked and egged on by two children under the tree coaxing him and then cheering as the ornaments ping pongee down the center of the tree… and then the fourth child needing reminding that chucking ornaments at the tree so they get stuck in the tree is not called decorating in this house…. I only yelled twice (and had to walk away while grumbling under my breath) so I’m gonna call that a success.

remember my grumbling Christmas pasts?

Our not so Pretty Christmas

Oh (ginormous) Christmas Tree 

man we have some great stories…and how does my husband still have patience with me? 🙂

ANYWHO…In my feeling cheery that I’m getting solid sleep these days and that I still get to enjoy my children messing with my tree decorating ideas…I wanted to offer a 50% off of my Lucky Stars pattern so you can control at least one thing if you aren’t controlling your tree decorating like me…and you can make this adorable pillow, ahem and quilt if you have the time.

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