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first day of school butterflies


a few days ago, my middle boy noise maker yells out to me from his room “MOM! kyle called me an idiot!” which then the third noise maker (in his 5 year old voice) yells “NO I DIDN’T!!! I CALLED YOU A STUPID IDIOT!”

these three little piggies go to school today.

surprisingly, i have mixed feelings about this.

super excited that i get 6 hours of time for me and katie, and excited that i am newly elected to community council rep for the school. but no one told me that when you are a parent you would still get the butterflies the night before the first day of school, and that you would worry about all the same things you worried about when you, yourself were going to school. only difference this time it’s all about your kids:

*will the teacher like my kid?

*will the kids be nice the him? will he make friends?

*is my kid going to understand directions the first time? AND follow them?

*what about homework? they will expect more of them this year, will it be a struggle?

*will my kid be successful this year?

one thing is for sure, their dad is here this time around. and we have had wonderful blessings because of it. first off he was able to give them a father’s blessing, second off he has been able to give them pep talks and help me control the banshees raise them.
he’s been home from afghanistan for 6 months now(last week). and in the last 6 months our children have thrived, and we have been happy.

so yes, i’m nervous of what my kids will do while they are not under my roof for 8 hours out of the day, and yes i’m nervous for them as well. but i am also at ease that we will not have to do it alone this year.

and not to mention that my house will stay clean for 6 solid hours in a row (that’s if it gets clean in the first place), and katie and i can do girly things like sew and sing strawberry shortcake songs.

and dude you guys! thanks for all the loving on my before and afters. loved reading all your comments! laughed out loud quite a few times! 😉