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a few before and afters


i’m ready to unveil a little more of our house to you.

while the husband had some time off last week. we had the idea to finish up a few more things on our list of things we needed to get done in and out of the house.

granted our list is monstrous but we are doing one thing at a time as time and funds permit.

for example this is the master bedroom closets (and all the other closets as well) when we were looking at the house. notice the pinkish glow…well that’s because the opposite wall is sponged tomato orange-red…i’m saving to show you that for another day…you can only handle so much of this house at one time. (trust me)

husband changed out all our closet doors in the house to these nice bi-fold doors. it really helps with the house not looking so 1970’s.

oh sorry… yes, did you scream out loud?

i did when i saw it.

i was like “holy moses! who in their right mind does this kind of stuff?”

and then i cried.
i like color but come on.

all i’ve got to say is that those must of been some good drugs.

so before we moved in we painted it…white.

and while my in laws were in town, my father in law helped my husband put up all new doors in our house.

the last and final thing we worked on this last week was finishing up the covering up of the smurf blue we had going on the outside of our house. before the husband went over seas we did some of it but didn’t get to finish it all. the goal this summer was that we weren’t going to have any more blue…

and well here’s a picture as of yesterday, with ALL the blue covered up FINALLY.

edited: i should note that when we were looking at the house this was one of our only options, there were no other houses for sale and well that’s why i kept crying everytime i would turn a corner. i don’t think we would of bought this house if there were other options…but we’re glad we did. the view is amazing and it’s a really nice house. not my dream house, but a really nice house and it serves it purpose…keeps us warm at night and gives us a place to call home.


last week we also enjoyed:

*BBQ-ing with great friends and neighbors

*playing board games and making a puzzle (star wars of course) by the end of it, it was just the husband and i up till midnight with bloodshot eyes putting the blasted thing together.

it was a nice way to end the summer.