before and afters

V and Co:a thrifting before and after

i love to thrift shop. it’s been a long time since i’ve been able to do so on a regular basis. with all the moves, and the de-junking/selling of our stuff for our move, i didn’t feel like i could justify going to second hand places or to garage sales till we were more settled […]

improved before and after

nothing like taking a picture and posting it and then thinking…”i don’t like it.” so i did a little moving around and this is what i ended up with. granted i simplified and used what i had so when i get a chance i will get a slightly bigger frame and with a picture of […]

my bedroom

one of most reoccurring questions i get through email and comments (besides, where’d you get those red shoes in your header (seriously, i’ve tried to find where they sell them with still no luck!), and where’d you get those jeans (shopko… they are actually petal pushers and were bought on the whim from the clearance […]

before and after: kitchen/dining area

thank you for the lovely well wishes on my birthday! yes, the husband got the necklace. i don’t know how he knew exactly what i wanted. but he did so good! 😉 okay so…this last summer we did a little remodeling in our kitchen/dining area. here are the before and during and well, i can’t […]

a few before and afters

i’m ready to unveil a little more of our house to you. while the husband had some time off last week. we had the idea to finish up a few more things on our list of things we needed to get done in and out of the house. granted our list is monstrous but we […]

armoire before and after

so i mentioned that i went to home depot last weekend and that i’ve been working on a project that i’ve procrastinated on for quite some time… i got some paint and finally got to it… when i bought this armoire from a friend 5 (or was it 6?) years ago, my intention was to […]

a before and after (?)

this piece of furniture was given to me by my sis-in-law. she didn’t have room for it and as you can see she started to strip it but didn’t finish it. it has great lines and works great in my living room. this last weekend (before we went up north to the big city for […]

a couple of small before and afters

my latest little finds at the second hand store:this was on sale from i think $1 down to .25 cents. a wire wreath thingy that i think is used for christmas cards. now that would be fine if it were close to christmas, but it’s not so…. add some spray paint and some brainstorming and […]

before and after

found at the second hand store for $25. i saw some potential. sand it down, primer it, and spray paint it. Editied: okay i can’t stand all the “white” so i’m changing the pillow covers and now it can be found in my laundry/mudroom…husband painted the laundry/mudroom this weekend. i went out on a limb […]

a small before and after

there’s no secret about it, i REALLY like stars. but this one didn’t really have a place anymore because i want the boys’ room to be a little more plain and just have one BIG star in it…oh and a poster of a star wars clone trooper, but it has to be “cool”(can star wars […]

a before and after

remeber last week i said i was painting and organizing? (and failing to file my taxes) this is what i did last week: have you ever noticed that i try to strategically take pictures so that i don’t show you this area? well there’s a reason. first off the red table bugged me…never liked the […]

which way should i go?

my house looks like a tornado hit it. the chair is almost done, but…. that’s just primer on there and i’m wondering…. white, black or red for the actual wood part? inquiring minds want to know. i’m leaning towards bright fire engine red. need to fold laundry just the tip of the ice burg. make […]

before and after:: the fireplace (and a confession)

well you guys guessed it alright! another thing i didn’t love about this house was the fireplace. very 1970’s… also in sort of an awkward place (the kitchen) but that’s where everything happens in our house so i guess it’s in a good place (trying to look at the positive here!) so i painted the […]

before and after::small changes

you know sometimes you just get tired of the same ‘ol same ‘ol. you just want a new look, well you don’t have to go out and buy all new stuff, you could always just look around and move a little thing here and a little thing there…or get rid of something and add some […]

before and after::my buffet

this piece of furniture was GI joe husband’s grandma’s dresser…i wish i had a better picture of the before but i don’t sorry! all you need to know is that the handles were gold and yuck and well i wasn’t diggin‘ the wood. this has been on my to do list for a few years, […]

before and after::second hand dresser

remember this tired old gal i got for $30 on my trip in california? yeah the one i threatened my kids that they were going to be strapped up on the roof of the car if i didn’t get to fit it in my trunk? well take a look at her now: with just one […]

my before and after::the kitchen

can i just tell you that i cried when i saw that this was the only option for me when we were looking to move into this town? we were looking to buy when there were no other houses on the market and this was it…you’ve seen the living room , the bedrooms here and […]

another drab to fab

found on my little excursion this last time at the second hand store for $1. all painted up (with the never ending red spray paint… seriously its ’cause i’m trying to use it all up before i buy a new color isnt it?) still thinking of painting the tops of the bottles red…(to use up […]

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