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before and after:: the fireplace (and a confession)


well you guys guessed it alright! another thing i didn’t love about this house was the fireplace. very 1970’s…

also in sort of an awkward place (the kitchen) but that’s where everything happens in our house so i guess it’s in a good place (trying to look at the positive here!)

so i painted the fireplace (what a pain in the rump to get all the nooks and crannies), and then i painted the wall behind the mantel the same color as my wall behind my buffet. which is also the same color for my WHOLE KITCHEN now (yeah i changed the buttery tan color, it just didn’t go as well). love this color though!

it’s still not my dream fireplace, but it’s an improvement… baby steps! baby steps!!!

oh and here’s the big stinkin confession news:

wait for it…

it’s been 7 whole dog gone weeks since i’ve purposely drank Diet Dr pepper with caffeine in it! ( i say purposely because there has been two times since the 7 weeks that i “accidentally” had a fully loaded diet dr pepper. unbeknownst to me the person gave me one with caffeine not the caffeine free so i can not and WILL not be held accountable for that)…and the even more awesome news is that i try not to drink the caffeine free stuff either! only for special occasions. ha! i kicked the trash out of that habit! my mom would be so proud if she only knew that i still had the problem!

sad to say i’m not as funny as i used to be without my drinks, and i don’t know how to have a good time without it, i’m sort of boring these days, i go to bed early, and wear a house coat… but at least i’m drink free baby! i’m no longer a caffeineholic! whoot! whoot!