this last weekend

welcome november! oh my gosh welcome november? okay well i’ll just roll with it i guess. this last weekend i was able to pick up that “big piece of art” i had in mind. when i first saw it here. and then i saw it here. i knew that i needed to pinch pennies as […]

vinyl on canvas : mini tutorial

first off hello! and THANK YOU for linking up soo many wonderful things! wow! come later this week (as i finish making my rounds) i’ll showcase a few of your creations here on the blog. second, the jedi robes. so many of you asked where i got the pattern…they are modified versions of this pattern. […]

don’t ask, don’t tell decorating

i go to thrift stores. nothing new there. it’s not because of the economy or because i’m trying to stick it to the man. and most definitely not because i’m trying to find some antique to sell on ebay. i don’t like ebay it stresses me out. not saying that anyone out there who shops […]

second hand re-creation

while in my cleaning organizing fit, i’ve been able to move things around and re-create with some second hand stuff that wouldn’t normally go together. i took my thrift store find silver basket, and my thrift store find glass candle stick holder (total cost $1.00) and created my new center piece for my dining room […]

easy last minute holiday decor

because my holiday season has gone by in a FLASH. i’ve had to try to incorporate some last minute holiday decor around the house…with things i have. case and point this center piece was made of all thrift-ed finds of the past. i’ve used this glass candle holder cupcake stands before. so i thought why […]

real pine wreath tutorial

this wreath, is inexpensive, and pretty fast to make. first you will need a grape vine wreath (walmart around $2) and then you will need some pine tree limbs (when we went to get our tree i cut some limbs off of surrounding trees) then you will need some crafting wire, and some pruning shears. […]

halfway done

with like a bazillion projects and everything else it seems. so for now i’d like to leave you with this picture, imaginary elevator music and well, lets make this fun…for me. if you want to play… tell me a little about yourself. but only if you want to. cause you know a lot about me. […]

sytyc:week two

first off i haven’t thanked you for the love of my turkey! so glad you like him as much as katie and i do (ahem and my boys have mentioned that it’s kind of cool too). i even got a finished picture already from one of you! 😉 i’ll be doing a “look at you […]

this, that. and a mini tutorial

as you can see, no big tutorial today. we were hit hard last week with the flu. we’re out the other end of the tunnel with kids finally feeling better. thank you for the well wishes! currently you will find me still lysol-ing and opening up windows to air out our house “just in case”. […]

texture and sort of like martha’s pom poms

i made this pillow yesterday. i don’t know if you can tell but i’m really into texture right now. i’m working on a new moda bake shop project which has a lot of texture. this little throw pillow is to go with katie’s quilt cover i’m making for her toddler bed. it makes sense in […]

adding white and neutrals

i like color. you could almost say i’m a “colorful” kind of gal…actually i think someone has even described me as “colorful” in the past. or was that “interesting”? whatever the case i like color. and my house used to be all color and no “light”. but the trend in my house these days seems […]

new way to hang plates 101

i love plates being on walls. i wrote a whole post about it once. but i hate the gross brassy plate hangers that help keep them up on the wall. so i tried something new until i can get my hands on some of these:Invisible English Plate Hanger Disc-4 Inch (For Plates 8 to 12 […]

shooting for wednesday

i decided to take a few days off of the blogging world. as in i tried not to check other’s people’s blogs and tried to live as if blogging weren’t a part of life. it was a nice little break. i think i need those every so often. in that time i made katie a […]

things i love

hoops with fabric in them: hoops can be found at any craft store…but i like to get mine at the second hand store. i can get a bundle of them sometimes for as cheap as 75 cents. and the metal ones are a bonus for that price! i love to decorate cheaply, so this is […]

decorating 101

picture by pottery barn CORRECT PLACEMENT OF WALL HANGINGS i see it all the time. and really it’s not their fault. they hear “eye level” and yeah we are taller these days, but too often i see pictures “floating” up on walls too high. and when asked by someone who wants my help to decorate […]

blowing out eggs for spring

spring means decorating with eggs.and my friend that every one thinks we’re related because we kind of look alike has chickens. and one of her chickens has decided that it likes to lay 1 sort of blueish colored egg every day. (you can’t tell from the pics as well but they are blueish i swear) […]

just plugging along…

remember my bedroom progress? well, i don’t like my bed pillows. no. actually. i hate them. it’s just too much, not right, all wrong (you get the idea) so i’m going with a softer look and i think i’m finally starting to love it…i’m still in the beginnings of making slipcovers so it will take […]

tutorial::easy peasy heart garland

i’m not a huge decorator for the seasons, but even i can’t pass up a garland for $1.50 at walmart you can buy this package of six hearts. go get you some of those… now if you are crazy like me and you have issues with the shape of your hearts you’ll need this step. […]

things i love…

decorating with plates. this one is in my daughter’s bedroom and is my most favorite plate that i own. it’s enamelware with little flowers on it. if anyone knows where i can get any more i will forever love you!!! i found this one around a year ago and i thought i had died or […]

things i love

salvation army finds: tall glass hurricane $3 medium size $2 50%-70% off “christmas” decorations that can be used all year long finished quilt tops: i finished two this last week and was suppose to quilt this one but the boys made… this fort around my computer and sewing area so i got nothing creative done […]

before and after:: the fireplace (and a confession)

well you guys guessed it alright! another thing i didn’t love about this house was the fireplace. very 1970’s… also in sort of an awkward place (the kitchen) but that’s where everything happens in our house so i guess it’s in a good place (trying to look at the positive here!) so i painted the […]

christmas decorating and what i’m working on

thanksgiving is over… and it’s full speed ahead christmas now…so this week expect a tutorial on your own pottery barn style ornament, a before and after, and some sewing thrown in there… the three boys have been helping with decorating the sad little fake tree, maybe next year GI joe husband will be a manly […]

moving things around

remember my redo of my buffet? well i’ve been wanting the perfect wreath to put on this mirror…lo and behold i found it. i then hung it up with a strip of fabric and a small nail up on the top of the mirror…i think my look is now FINALLY complete.

before and after::small changes

you know sometimes you just get tired of the same ‘ol same ‘ol. you just want a new look, well you don’t have to go out and buy all new stuff, you could always just look around and move a little thing here and a little thing there…or get rid of something and add some […]

before and after::my buffet

this piece of furniture was GI joe husband’s grandma’s dresser…i wish i had a better picture of the before but i don’t sorry! all you need to know is that the handles were gold and yuck and well i wasn’t diggin‘ the wood. this has been on my to do list for a few years, […]

great finds and a redo teaser

found these lovelies for the little ones wall over her second hand dresser, found at the second hand store for $.50 to $1 each… i’m super excited about it coming all together. this thing is a beast and i want to make it look real good so it’s taking me a few days to do […]

before and after::second hand dresser

remember this tired old gal i got for $30 on my trip in california? yeah the one i threatened my kids that they were going to be strapped up on the roof of the car if i didn’t get to fit it in my trunk? well take a look at her now: with just one […]

fall has arrived and thrown up in my house

i’m not a big time decorator of the holidays, for some reason the changing of things every few months bugs me. (it’s a personal thing) but i have to admit, fall and christmas are the ones i do decorate for. other than that it’s pretty much same ol‘ same ol‘ at my house. here are […]

sooo i got bored…

now that the boys are in school full time the two younger ones and i walk around aimlessly not knowing what to do…and my sewing machine sort of quit on me (I KNOW!) so i’m going to borrow someones to complete my quilt but after that i’m sort of out of luck till i fix […]

fall decor::using nature

so i love fall, it’s my favorite season, i love everything about pumpkins and i love the colors. there’s only one thing i hate about it…when its done we get winter. but lets focus on fall… i was walking in our back yard and started to pick up the rotting apples on the ground and […]

the start of my photowall

i’ve been wanting to do this for over a year. my best friend ginger had a full wall dedicated to pictures and since then i’ve always have wanted to do it, well this is the start of my photo wall located in my hall way. the idea is that i will just keep adding as […]

my before and after::the kitchen

can i just tell you that i cried when i saw that this was the only option for me when we were looking to move into this town? we were looking to buy when there were no other houses on the market and this was it…you’ve seen the living room , the bedrooms here and […]

second hand find and some lampshade lovin’

so my fabulous friend who just so happens to be a professional quilter was in the town 45 minutes away and she gave me a call from the second hand store “i have a table here for behind the sofa you want it?” “is it wood and can i paint it?” i ask “yes” she […]

well looky what we got here…

my fabulous friend that just so happens to be a professional quilter brought back my katie quilt! i’m binding it this weekend!!! oh and see these plates? yeah they are alright, someone was cleaning out their closet and didn’t want them any more and asked if i wanted this little plate rack and the the […]

little chair before and after

remember the little chair i got for katie’s room for 50 cents? some spray paint (i know red AGAIN, i’m trying to use it all up before i buy another color) cardboard to hide the hole… batting to make the chair pad… i then hot glued the fabric on the bottom of the cardboard and […]

fast easy decorating

i first saw the fabric in a hoop on soule mama but now it seems like it’s everywhere. so i decided to do it as well. what i love about this is that you can change the fabrics for the season and it’s an instant change to the look. cheap, easy, and super fast…my FAVORITE […]

great second hand finds

so this weekend my fabulous friend that just so happens to be a professional quilter, decided that she was going to *pay* me back for watching her boys one saturday so she could go to the town 45 minutes away…she told me to take my time…oh and i did. so with just katie in tow […]

before and after::craft area

ugh everytime i would walk by it, it made me cringe… much better. still a work in progress but i think it’s a step towards to what i want when i actually have a room dedicated to just me creating stuff. what i found out about myself today…i’m drawn to green fabric. that’s what i […]

before and after: katie’s room

this was my first picture a few months ago, i knew i liked some things in her room, but it was all over the place and i knew i needed to make some changes. this is a step closer to what i want…it’s still eclectic, country, vintage…all over the place but i’m really starting to […]

painting sweats and pj’s

i didn’t get to get dressed yesterday. after my walk i went straight into my sweatpants that i use to paint in… i painted the boy’s bookshelves but ran out of paint before i could finish it completely…lets be honest…it’ll probably be another year before i finish it but at least it looks 100% better […]

learning to photoshop

okay, i bought myself a few things this last week, an early birthday present? maybe a belated 10 year anniversary present…hmmm nope i’m just going to blame this one on i really needed a pick me up and on friday and i wanted photoshop and darn it i was going to buy it. so i […]

some of my favorite things

stitchery and books. there’s something about the whole cottage thing that makes me warm and happy. i love that i walk in and instantly want to look around at what the walls or see what the cupboards hold. curl up on the couch with a quilt and a book or stitch something new, or just […]

katie’s dresser

katie’s dresser is a hand me down from her great grandma…i love furniture with a story. but the brown was outdated and i wanted it more shabby chic like her room will be… i decided that the day was today to do it! and as i was getting ready to stain it i saw that […]

great second hand finds…

so i was looking around my house, and i thought i would share with you some of my AWESOME second hand finds (some of them were free cause ahem they were found next to the dumpsters) this is my coffee table (one of my favorite pieces of furniture) it’s been with us the whole 10 […]


moving things around (bonnie did i do better?) a little cluttered, but i still think i like it, i think i like the cluttered style! (okay i took down the wreath cause it was too cluttered…looks better!) okay so after that picture of katies room a couple of posts back i realized i hated the […]

my befores and afters

i don’t know if i like these two rooms yet, i’m still trying to figure out what i like and don’t like! okay so here’s some more paint jobs that the prior owner thought would be such a great idea. hmmm, must of been on some pretty good drugs to make this look good! but […]

my before and after

well i promised bonnie that i would do a before and after, so here it is, don’t you looooove the blue? would you be soooo jealous if i told you the inside was that color too? i’ll do before and afters of some of the inside another day, i’m definitely still working on things, ( […]

by far my favorite D.I. finds

this is actually an enamel ware…enamel ware with flowers!!! i nearly fell over when i saw it! i found these two plates this last time i went to D.I. they both together cost me less than $2! i also found a few other things, but i’m still tweaking them so i’ll post when i’m done! […]

You decide 2008

Okay so I know you are asking “WHY would you cover up that lovely ’70’s lacquered, dark wood cabinet?” I know you’re jealous it’s not in your home, but I’m a little tired of looking at it. So I’m going to paint it. This is the color that is in question. Ralph Lauren calls it […]