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painting sweats and pj’s


i didn’t get to get dressed yesterday. after my walk i went straight into my sweatpants that i use to paint in… i painted the boy’s bookshelves but ran out of paint before i could finish it completely…lets be honest…it’ll probably be another year before i finish it but at least it looks 100% better than what it was for this last year. a friend who is totally handy with power tools and makes all her furniture helped me dress up the boys’ bookshelf by putting crown molding on the top of it (a year ago). with the black paint over it, i love it!!! the bookshelves in the boys room…almost done…
then i decided i was going to try to start prepping the boys’ room for the milk chocolate brown color paint i have in mind for their room…i didn’t get very far…but at least i started the process.
as the morning hours turned into afternoon hours kids started to come home and so did some of the neighborhood kids, a pair of twins and a little girl to be exact, they preoccupied my kids so i got to sew a little, worked a little on katie’s quilt, put on another border, just one more border left before it goes to my fabulous friend who just happens to be a professional quilter. i decided to read a few neglected blogs…you guys are amazing! soo good to see what you guys are up to. that’s when i got the itch…i read a comment on a friends blog about how she made all these dresses for her little girl…and then i thought about my second hand find sheet…i mean it’s $2 what’s $2 if i mess up soooo bad i have to throw it away? so i made katie her skirt. i love it i almost thought about putting her to bed in it…that’s silly (but i really did think it) anyways, i still have the whole sheet left still to make me a skirt (if i get over being scared of making it) and some even left to make some really cute pillows i’m going to try to sell on etsy.
by the time kids left and i was left with my four little ones, i realized i hadn’t seen anyone for more than a few minutes (thanks F for letting us run to your house to use the bathroom while on our walk! i don’t think he would of made it!!) i really hadn’t gone anywhere or really finished anything huge…and i was still in my sweats that i use to paint, i must of looked pretty hot. so i decided to get in my pj’s… i bet my husband is totally missing me right now.