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before and after: katie’s room


this was my first picture a few months ago, i knew i liked some things in her room, but it was all over the place and i knew i needed to make some changes.
this is a step closer to what i want…it’s still eclectic, country, vintage…all over the place but i’m really starting to looooove it.

yesterday turned out to be a “i’m going to finish my projects” day. i was knocking them left and right. you could say I WAS ON FIRE! well not really. it just so happens that i was acting like i had ADD for the past i don’t know how many months and i had quite a few projects that i would work on here and there like the rag rug and the quilt top you see in the picture…i decided that yesterday was the day to end it. and i finished them! look how cute the rag rug turned out!!! i think that’s my favorite! katie’s quilt top is done, but i still need to buy fabric for the back (i want it to match the fabrics on the front) the binding fabric will be a red so i need to figure out what color for the back so that i can give it to my friend the quilter. any suggestions on what color for the back? i personally love the green (oh what is it with the green?! i looove green!!!) anyways, that’s all for now, got a date with the hair dresser to get my locks taken care of, but that’s all i have planned. it’s a yucky day outside, so the kids and i will probably do a picnic on my bed while we watch a movie. okay reality check: i’ll be under my quilt reading “the host” and dozing off while they jump on my bed and the movie will be on the background.