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decorating with plates.
this one is in my daughter’s bedroom and is my most favorite plate that i own. it’s enamelware with little flowers on it. if anyone knows where i can get any more i will forever love you!!! i found this one around a year ago and i thought i had died or that i was on some tv show where they totally make a fool of you… but nope, it was for real, and i had tears when i turned it over and i read “75 cents” please, if anyone out there has any info or know where i can get anymore….PLEASE CONTACT ME…okay enough… onto the rest of the post.

plates… they are everywhere you look, in magazines, blogs, and displays. i’ve been in love with decorating with plates since we bought our first little townhouse way back when and we had no money to spare other than to pay for food and gas and the essentials. i decided i loved how plates looked on my wall especially when they were so cheap because they were in my cupboards.since then my collection has expanded from using my plates (we kept having more kids who needed to use plates to eat, go figure) to scouring second had stores and finding the perfect plate to go up on my wall or to be displayed somewhere…i can’t get enough it seems. and since having my little girl it seems to of magnified the problem, er…love of plates for decorating. she has quite a few in her room, these are just a few of them.

there isn’t a room in my house (minus the boys’ room) that doesn’t have a plate in it. GI Joe husband thinks it silly, but he doesn’t press the issue too much except to say “that’s just weird, but whatever.” that’s right you have no say in the matter.

there are so many plates out there floating around, from old english china to enamelware and they are just begging to be snatched up and displayed!