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before and after::throw pillow


piping is scary to me.
i attempted it for the first time 4 or 5 years ago. it wasn’t pretty. but then i was sort of new to sewing, really new to sewing, and i didn’t have the right feet for the job. needless to say i was completely turned off by the whole process, but i love how piping makes a pillow look really that much better. so this is a throw pillow, like as in i could throw this pillow away because it’s been with us since our wedding shower and it’s been lactated, spit-upped, smeared with who knows what for about 9 years (yup my little guy’s going to be 9 next week yikes!) so i really didn’t feel so bad about taking off the cover i had on it already (didn’t really care for it) making a new cover for it and if it turned out awful then i could just throw the whole thing away.

i made it into a slipcover this time because i switch my fancy from time to time, not often mind you, but if for some reason i want to i can totally change the total look of it without having to cut off or ruin the work i did.

turned out okay. i definitely need more practice. but now that i’ve attempted again something i tried once a looooong time ago (in sewing project years) i think i can actually feel a little better about trying to attempt the boys’ decorative pillows, and i’m thinking i might try my first re-upholstering project this year. but that’s a little scary and i’m not committing to anything just yet.

edited::p.s.: it’s been brought to my attention in the past two weeks i’ve been awarded 4 awards from different blogs…blush…thank you for thinking of me. now if i could get my act together and find them again so i can make a link to them and you all don’t think i’m making it up…sigh… thank you thank you thank you.

AHA! found one! thank you cottage lifestyle for my lovely award!