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so i had fun


but i have no pictures to show you of “twilight” country except this one because i was a moron and forgot my camera. GI Joe husband was great to send me this picture that i took of “us” with his pathetic camera and he was kind enough to look up “forks” on the google map. as sad as i was that it was 3 hours away i think he was excited that it was 3 hours away, so no, i did not go to forks, but i got a taste of washington. all i have to say is that it’s wet and green with moss,fog and a ton of trees. i got so used to it being over cast that when the sun did peek through at times it hurt my eyes. HA! no wonder vampires can live there! i tired to get GI Joe husband to go to the movie with me but he wouldn’t have any of it. he was all, and i quote, “it’s like she took anything that was “cool” about vampires and threw it out the window.” uh ‘xscuse me did you not see his hair? and how hot he looked in his puffy blue jacket? how is that NOT “cool”? HELLO?!

i had a wonderful time just talking and laughing with him. i got the opportunity to almost miss the kids… we’re both in shock that we only have around 11 days left without each other. i say around because we have a hint of a date that he’ll be home but nothing is set in stone, so till then i will continue to sew, read, and organize like a mad woman. thank you for your kind wishes, yes i had fun, thank you for the comments about my quilt, yes i love it too, and hello to all you new followers to the blog, you are not unnoticed! 😉 shall i start on some projects?

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