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so sweet


to say that i’m not happy with this quilt would be lying, to say that i’m happy that it’s snowing right now would be lying too. i’m from southern cal i have a reason to think snow should be “visited” and not lived in…so all you snow lovers go out and get cold, i’m staying indoors and pretending the ocean is only a few miles away.

oh and i have a secret: a week from today i’ll be together with GI Joe husband for the weekend. no kids involved. so i’m taking a week off of blogging i want to be all primped up and rested so i have no bags under my eyes, i’m also going to focus on “no sewing” for a week i know kind of stressful to do that to myself but i want to work on some other things so i’ll be back monday the 19th. take care and see you soon!