so we went back home and traumatized a few of our kids

the husband and i are from california. i think you know that. since moving here to the midwest, we’ve not gone “home”. and even before that we had the deployment and other things that got in the way from our visiting. so we made the trek, BY CAR, this summer. we drove all 30 hours […]

V and Co: at the lake

 happy Memorial Day. we are enjoying our family and the weather and our freedom due to all the sacrifices made in our behalf. every day is a blessing and i am so indebted to those who have made it that way. thank you for your service, thank you for your sacrifices, thank you for your […]

london bridge is falling down

this last weekend we found ourselves in the car driving to lake havasu. did you know the actual london bridge is there? yeah, my 11 year old schooled me on it…i was a little blown away with the info…and well when we got there, sure enough we read up on it and he was right. […]

getaways and hair “issues”

this last weekend we went on an adventure. as our summer continues, we are seeing some pretty fantastic weather (our summers aren’t really hot so when we get into the 90’s we’re pretty excited.) not too far from us we have a little reservoir big enough for people to go boating or fishing, and the […]

my head is still spinning from market

so it’s over. market that is. now i’m home. but my head is still spinning. what a whirlwind of events and yes, no pooping of the pants happened. okay a fast run down: dana and i finally met in person. we knew we would hit it off. but it’s always fun to get to know […]

because my mom reads this sometimes

i have to add some fam stuff on the blog just so she sees that the kids are being well taken care of, fed, and amused often. sooo the husband had this last week off of work. we decided to do a mini road trip. the weather was perfect, the roads were not busy…most of […]

my spa weekend?

*8 hours of mandatory meetings one day and 3 the next *boys who haven’t seen each other since being overseas together *only 20% off of all spa thingies that cost a bazillion dollars to begin with ( uh…we need money to eat and feed our children) EQUALSmaking cheap fun in our hotel rooms yes i […]

birds of the same feather…

drink waaaaay too much soda, laugh too hard, and don’t go to bed till almost 4 in the morning, and not because we were on the strip in vegas…but because we were having too much fun with fabric. more pics to come

i’m off to vegas baby

for some nicer, warmer weather and to visit this cute little gal to have a girl’s weekend. we’re going to paint the town red (well the fabric stores and second hand stores) and she even promised me she would take me to TARGET. because i’m pretty sure that is what heaven is going to look […]

we’re back

and we’re POOPED. i would like to sleep for like three days the wedding was wonderful. california weather, oh how i’ve missed you. it was great to see all our family. i’m itching to finish this tutorial i got going… more to come…soon ps: mom liked the bag edited: sorry it’s been brought to my […]

so i had fun

but i have no pictures to show you of “twilight” country except this one because i was a moron and forgot my camera. GI Joe husband was great to send me this picture that i took of “us” with his pathetic camera and he was kind enough to look up “forks” on the google map. […]

great finds and a redo teaser

found these lovelies for the little ones wall over her second hand dresser, found at the second hand store for $.50 to $1 each… i’m super excited about it coming all together. this thing is a beast and i want to make it look real good so it’s taking me a few days to do […]

park city:: part deux

i was pretty lame and didn’t take hardly any pictures. but we had a blast, i think we just started a tradition…

fun was had by all

to all the friends and family we got to see this week we had a blast thank you. to all the shopping i got to do because of my sis-in-laws thank you for letting my kids have a blast with you for a while, while i window shopped and did some shopping as well. time […]

day 3

the two older boys are at cousin’s houses, so that leaves the two younger ones with me…WOW having just 50% of your kids makes for easy times! so i went to T.J. MAXX, downeast homes, the wood connection, IKEA, and JOANN’S, just to name a few… i finished my second book “magic study” and now […]

great second hand finds

while my mother was here this past week, the plan was for me to “get away” for a few days with a friend and do…anything. so of course that included some second hand shopping. i would of liked to stay the whole time that was originally planned, but the kids being sick was not foreseen […]

our weekend up at the cabin…

jake’s family has a cabin up in little cottonwood canyon and it’ tradition to go up there and eat together as a family at least once a summer… my favorite part of the cabin is the vintage kitchen! it’s soo nice and cool up there when it’s super hot in the valley the view from […]

what i realized on my trip…

** my 6 year old can read REALLY well. well enough that i had to ban him from reading the billboards in las vegas. **going cold turkey off of diet dr. pepper, projects, and blogging…after shakes and rocking back and forth in the corner for a couple of days…it was nice to see that going […]

we had a blast

seaworld, pools, family, friends, legoland, beach and whole heck of a lot of driving… and i survived…but it sure is nice to be home again.

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