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day 3


the two older boys are at cousin’s houses, so that leaves the two younger ones with me…WOW having just 50% of your kids makes for easy times! so i went to T.J. MAXX, downeast homes, the wood connection, IKEA, and JOANN’S, just to name a few… i finished my second book “magic study” and now have started “fire study” lets see i haven’t sewn, not even a little bit but i did get all excited to start my new quilt when i get home….hmmm, wonder when the other boys will get back…i’m not used to so much down time…
when i went to get the photo of me and the two younger ones hanging out on the swing i saw the pics of the “road out of nowhere to slc” the clouds were awesome, even if my 8 year old kept calling me weird for taking picture after picture after picture of just “nothing”.

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