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graceful is my middle name


so we’re in slc AGAIN…this time it was for an appt. for the little one. the doc just wanted to make sure that she didn’t have hip displacia (sp?), which she doesn’t and my very happy remark to the specialist was “oh yay! it’s only that she’s as graceful as her mother.” no, she probably has more of a chance, they believe it all has to do with her ears and her equilibrium. so no hip displacia for us! yippie! my mother in law talked me into staying for the week, so i’m relaxing, reading, and seeing some old friends. blogging may be sporadic due to ALL THE SHOPPING PLACES that there are around here. seriously, how do you people stay home when there’s sooooooooo many places you could go? i probably wouldn’t get anything done! oh yeah wait i used to live in a city. oh and yeah i have 4 kids…nope i would probably not be going to all the shopping if i lived here.