london bridge is falling down


this last weekend we found ourselves in the car driving to lake havasu. did you know the actual london bridge is there? yeah, my 11 year old schooled me on it…i was a little blown away with the info…and well when we got there, sure enough we read up on it and he was right.
the husband had a job interview and we went to go check out the area…
did you also know that lake havasu is one of spring break’s place to be? yeah, i got that little bit of info in my face wile the husband was checking us in the hotel, and i went to get the bags from the car and low and behold there right in front of my face was a car full of girls pulling a boat with “girlz gone wilder” logo on the side of it.
oh heaven help me.
another little bit of information we found out that weekend…every college has a designated week they have in the area…interesting.
also it has been known to get up to 120 degrees in the summer. interesting.

so aside from the fact that my three little boys, and husband felt like they needed to keep their eyes focused on the floor most of the time (haha!), and katie had huge eyes looking at all the life size barbies and kens walking around…we had a hella hot good time (101 degrees) in the swimming pool and we appreciated driving up closer to flagstaff to find a little cooler weather.

stay tuned, cause we still don’t have definite plans, and till we do, i’ll just craft and do my thing.
springy tutorial coming soon. i hope…if it works as good in real life as it does in my head…i think it’s going to be cute.
we’ll talk soon.