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because my mom reads this sometimes


i have to add some fam stuff on the blog just so she sees that the kids are being well taken care of, fed, and amused often. sooo the husband had this last week off of work.
we decided to do a mini road trip.
the weather was perfect, the roads were not busy…most of the time….
on our way to and from the grand canyon we did encounter some cowboys and their sheep. there was a three year old helping herd them. which at that point my husband turns to our kids and says “look at that kid! bet he’s going to walk like 10 miles while herding sheep! we still have to wipe some of your guy’s butts. SERIOUSLY! you guys are wiping your own butts from now on!”

so we finally got the north rim, it’s only 4 and half hours from the middle of nowhere.

the picture doesn’t do it justice.

my legs were wobbly.

pretty sure i pooped my pants a little while watching my kids standing so close to the edge even if there was a rinky dink fence around it to keep them “safe”.

but we made it all okay back home safe and sound and we even ate at a sit down restaurant where my children behaved themselves so well that someone actually commented on it.

pretty sure that.has.never.happened at a restaurant. the husband and i just stared at her not knowing what to say. i finally answered “thank you?” when she left, the husband and i stared at each other with huge grins and i finally said “ooooooh yeah, we’re no longer THAT family.”

wonder how long that feeling will last.

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