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meet the new additions


may i introduce:

sloppy joe and meatloaf.

meatloaf is the black faced one with the “bad attitude” look.

can’t wait to have the talk with the kids as to why the cows are gone and we have so much meat in the freezer. but thankfully that won’t happen till much later on this year. and i’ll leave that up to the husband to explain, except i think it’ll be harder on him than on the kids.

he may just become a vegetarian.

serves him right though.

since this was all his idea.

but for now they graze in our pasture and we steer clear of meatloaf because he’s unstable and always looking for a fight.

pretty sure it’ll be easier to eat him.

i’m still recovering from all the driving and all the laundry that going on two trips in one week will do. so i’m off to fold yet another load and throw another one in the dryer and start up a new one in the washer. only to see that my kids are already in the back yard gearing up to make a mud pit …summer has officially arrived.