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great second hand finds


while my mother was here this past week, the plan was for me to “get away” for a few days with a friend and do…anything. so of course that included some second hand shopping. i would of liked to stay the whole time that was originally planned, but the kids being sick was not foreseen so it was cut a little short, but still just the same…WONDERFUL.
it’s funny how we start collecting things isn’t it? i now find myself with a plethora of vintage sheets, picnic baskets and rolling pins. well maybe not a plethora, a few i guess. i also found that enamel ware pot for katie’s kitchen (at my friend’s mom’s antique store) and she GAVE IT TO ME, oh happy happy day! so with all this vintage-y stuff, i have found myself itching to make a traditional quilt…i’ve already started collecting inspiring pictures, and looking at books. i can’t wait to get started but first i have to clean house and finish a few quilts that have been staring at me for a while. one is my fall quilt, and the other is katie’s quilt that was started before she was born (yeah i know).

some really fun exciting news is that i’ve decided to enter my pinwheel quilt and my buggy barn “stars and stripes” quilt in to the county fair. (yeah, not too big of a deal compared to bigger places, but none the less a first for me and still quite nerve racking!!) so cleaning and sewing i will go. and hopefully i’ll be able to show off my quilt tops soon to you all!

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