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hollyhock inspiration


planted these babies last year, and they didn’t come up…wasn’t surprised because usually things that i plant from seed don’t work…but hello this year they had a different idea!
i first noticed that the leaves were coming up in the spring and i thought to myself “ha, that’s funny, i didn’t pay ANY ATTENTION to them and NOW this year they decided to grow, but most likely i’ll grow some mutant with only hollyhock leaves and nothing else.” so you could imagine to my total surprise when i saw BUDS forming on my mutant plants…i got giddy and started welcoming everyone before they could even say “hi” at my front porch (where they are off to the side) to look at my beautiful mutant hollyhocks with their buds, but that that’s probably all they will be seeing the buds that is because i grew them from seeds and i only grow weird stuff from seeds or nothing at all. half of the visitors would turn around and be scared while a small bunch would proceed to enter into the house (those are true friends that laugh at me and my *crazy*, the others aren’t strong enough to be my friends) and now i find myself wishing i had tried to get rid of the apartment complexes that the caterpillars decided to build on my high rise hollyhocks but the boys wont let me, and tell me i’ll be killing them if i put them somewhere else. and well if the mutant hollyhocks with no attention and caterpillars for residents have made it this long…who am i to get rid of the little critters? anywho

i’m all riled up and wanting to put yo-yo’s on everything! i had the idea months ago, but i think it was looking at my blooming hollyhocks that finally pushed me into “drive” so yes, i am

FINALLY making yo-yo EVERYTHING…little girl bags with yo-yo’s, little girl hair yo-yo’s, blankets with yo-yo’s you name it, it’s going to have a yo-yo on it.

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