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sooo i got bored…


now that the boys are in school full time the two younger ones and i walk around aimlessly not knowing what to do…and my sewing machine sort of quit on me (I KNOW!) so i’m going to borrow someones to complete my quilt but after that i’m sort of out of luck till i fix it or get a new one…anyone want to sell their bernina? that’s the only sewing machine i’m going to upgrade to…i figured with as much sewing that i do i should have a Cadillac instead of a Pinto sewing machine…anywho i made this sign yesterday
and the third monkey was bored too cause the little one was in bed napping and he didn’t have anyone to fight with so he asked to paint with me…i said sure
made the sign let it dry boys came home…second monkey reads the sign looks at me and says “are we getting chickens?” hell no, just wanted a cute rustic sign to go up in my dining room (no worries i left out the hell no to the kid)