fall decor::using nature


so i love fall, it’s my favorite season, i love everything about pumpkins and i love the colors. there’s only one thing i hate about it…when its done we get winter. but lets focus on fall…
i was walking in our back yard and started to pick up the rotting apples on the ground and throwing them into the pasture behind us for the cows to eat, when i noticed that my crab apple tree although did not produce big enough apples for jelly or jam making, they did look a lot like cranberries, and then i thought HELLO i could use that somehow. i just placed them on my little platter around the base of the pot holding the pumpkin, i think it adds a little flair…i’m also thinking of filling mason jars with them and placing a candle in the middle of it and hang it from the trees…

i love the idea of using what i have without spending money, but if you don’t have access to your own crabapple tree you could always use cranberries from the store, or even red wooden beads that wouldn’t go bad year after year…just giving you options. i’m going to try to dry these little guys…i think they might look like rosehips when they are dried…i’ll keep you posted on whether or not it worked.

martha stewart gives awsome tutorials on how to use leaves to create animals or butterflys check it out here. thinking about using leaves for a wall hanging on my photowall .

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