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starting to make lemonade out of lemons


so i forced myself out of bed yesterday and forced myself to do something other than what i’ve been doing for the last few days and that is let the big huge elephant that sits on my head and chest get the better of me. did not get much done except keep the house from being taken over by laundry, and sew together a few of my blocks for the quilt that is going to go at the end of my bed…but today my friends i am finally starting to add the sugar to the lemons and i’m making lemonade! i can sort of mention that my elephant was named “anxiety over GI joe husband being transferred to a more dangerous position than before, and we don’t know what’s going on cause he’s been gone on leave for 2 weeks and everything is “not official” yet, and there are no specific details. but i got the call today that made me more at ease…the worst case scenario is not happening…he IS getting transferred but it’s not as scary as we thought…and come january he’s been selected to come back to the states to “teach” the next group to come in after them the “ropes”. sorry about all the “not able to tell you anything because of the army getting all upset with top secret stuff” but you understand…so yes much more at ease and now i can smile again. that elephant just lost a couple of hundred pounds.
well the day has come the littlest of the three boy monkeys is starting pre-school today…he’s uber excited and got dressed and ready to go
and he STILL insists in “spiking” his hair all by himself…it looks like a nest up there…oh well.