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happy birthday little one


dear sweet little katherine,
when we found out you were a girl, the boys all high fived and cheered. i smiled, and secretly started to make quilts, dress you up and started picturing your room in my head. we’ve all been waiting for so long to hear the words “it’s a girl” (especially your oldest brother) that we walked away all giddy. we called everyone up and told them “IT’S A GIRL” and no one believed us they thought we were joking. (cause we’re jokesters your father and i and we would pull something like that but we didn’t!)

some things about you right now:

*you love babies *you love your new high heels and don’t go anywhere without them, you especially love the “clippity clop” sound they make on the hard wood floors *you love to cook *you love to pretend to sew *you give the best nasty look known to man kind *you give away smiles only to those you trust, and every day everyone has to gain that trust if it’s not me your dad or your brothers. *you seem to love the color pink, it could be an eating utensil or a gun, but if it’s pink you want it. *you love purses *you love spaghetti *you love to play outside *you absolutely love to be on a swing *you love to sing *you sang for two weeks straight “daddy….ddddaaaaadddyyy…dady….daddy…daddy” while your dad was here. *you love the commotion we call your brothers *you love when they pay attention to you *you hate when anyone else shows attention to you. *you love to organize things (that thrills and scares me) *you love to do anything mommy-ish

happy 2nd birthday little one…can’t wait for all the years to come.

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